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  1. Hi, So long story short I got the audio to work but once I moved houses and set up my PC the audio is gone again. I reinstalled windows hoping I can fix the problem like I did the last time. I was able to go into realtek audio console and change my speakers to a "7.1 speaker" and when I run a sound test. I can hear half the speakers that light up on the realtek audio console software. I can also move the audio levels up/down and it'll make "ding" or if something gets plugged in i hear a "ding". Now it's partially working but i can't hear any sound off google chrome or anything else for that matter. I can only hear system notifications. Things I've done: install latest audio driver off Gigabyte, uninstalled all audio drivers then reinstalled the new driver again (rebooted), switched between speakers to realtek digital output in the bottom right corner. went in to sound control panel and messed with that ( bar moves if sound is playing, but can't hear the sound) specs: windows 10 64 bit i7-9700k gigabyte aorus z390 pro wifi gigabyte 1070 corsair 32gb ram
  2. Hey there, I got a new mother board and was able to get my audio to work after uninstalling drivers and reinstalling updated driver. I just moved houses so after I setup my pc it has the same issue. When I do a windows troubleshoot it says no audio jack plugged in. When I plug it in a new audio jack it ask which one I plugged in, but won’t do that for the headphone jack. I tried doing the same steps I did before but it’s not working. Can anyone help? thanks
  3. I pulled it earlier, and just pulled it again and still nothing. EDIT- still only one slot works with the 4gb and 8gb ram.
  4. Yes. But won’t post if I have another stick is in DIMM_B2. Same with the 4gb sticks. Everything was working fine until I added the new ram.
  5. No the LTX is 2x4gb and the RGB pro is 4x8gb. after replacing the LTX with the RGB only 1 slot is working.
  6. I updated And let it restart and I put the 3 sticks in and same issue. EDIT- Also reinstalled the RAM that worked before and is doing the same thing we’re it only works with 1 stick
  7. So if the update doesn’t work I’m SOL and need to send this RAM back?
  8. The bios isn’t up to date but idk if I have bios flashback EDIT- I have something called EZ flash 3 Utility EDIT- I don’t have a bios flashback. So what can I do now??
  9. How do I check if I have bios flash back. Also how do I know if it’s unstable
  10. I'll give that a try. but i don't think it will work with the new RAM as they say it's not compatible. windows 10 64bit MOBO: ASUS prime z390-a CPU: I7 9700k (9th gen) PSU: i think is 650w GPU: Gigabyte 1070 RAM: (old) corsair vengeance LTX 2400MHz (new) corsair vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz CPU fan: Corsair h100i V2
  11. Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my RAM from corsair Vengeance LTX 2400MHZ (8gb) to corsair vengeance RGB pro 3200mhz (32gb). when i installed my new RAM. My PC wouldn't boot up. it finally booted up with only one 8gb vengeance pro stick. I turned on XMP I in BIOS. I installed one more stick of RAM and it still wont boot. I went ahead and installed the LTX ram i had in it previously and same thing is happening. It won't boot unless it's only one stick of RAM. The MOBO I have is an ASUS Prime Z390-a. i contacted ASUS about the new Vengeance ram and they said it's not compatible with the MOBO. I then asked why does one stick work even though it's not compatible. They gave me a B.S. answer ( IMO ). so my main question here is why isn't my old memory only working in one slot now and not the 2 i had it in before. Thanks