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  1. im trying to find an aio with clear tubing any suggestions??
  2. Linglong47

    Rgb fans

    im trying to get some good rgb fans from amazon like the ll120 but they are so overpriced do you guys have any alternative for it?? thanks
  3. I have a corsair like h100 pro or smth and i was wondering if i could setup like a push pull type thing cuz i got spare fans
  4. ok thx bc i watched videos and everyone was doing it on anywhere but the front of the case
  5. I have a h100 thing from coraair and i was wondering if the thing was setup in the front of the case can i still do the push pull thing because i have spare fans
  6. B450m from gygabyte and idk what ram he got he got a random one from his friend he told me
  7. I was giving my friends instructions on how to build jis pc but his ram was not fitting he would like push it all the way in but it wouldnt dnap in place