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    I love to travel with new gadgets to capture and share the beautiful world through visual narratives.
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    Film editing & Post Production


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    Windows - 8gb
    MBP 2018 - 16gb
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    500 GB - Hard Disk
    500 GB - Apple SSD
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    PC - LG
    MBP 2018 - Apple Built-in Display
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    Mac Mojave & Windows 10 User
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    Mac Book Pro 2018
  1. I took my mbp 2018 to the computer repair shop today. The technician was able to pin point the power component causing the issue. He will try to get the estimates of the power component and let me know his charges. Better than replacing the logic board. If the fix is right it will give few more months of life. Will keep you posted. Thanks again P.S - I tried the t2 solution didn't work.
  2. Thanks, I am very keen to check this t2 - dfu solution by Loius Rossmann & team.
  3. I upgraded Mojave to Catalina os worked for entire day with shutdown & breaks. Next day I opened power didn't turn on. I tried work around with power button 10sec hold, smc, nvram reset nothing worked not sure battery, logic board or os issue set it comatose sleep state. My extended warranty got over & there is lock down since march 2020 (Mumbai). I am keeping nearest unauthorized service fix for last. Apple customer care was kind enough to read same steps I read on apple communities links. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you for your reply. Electronics Wizardy I am aware of smb from user end so will research on it. GDRRiley Most of the work in the industry are on Avid Media Composer for feature film. There people still using Final Cut Studio 7. I use Adobe Premiere Pro for offline and Resolve for grading and transcoding. Secondly, just scribbling on paper for a setup. I have not yet settle on parts to use. Will scan the forums and I am also open to suggestions.
  5. I understand LMG exports videos to 'Cineform' with Adobe Media Encoder & Resolve to do De noise. Premiere Pro is the editing tool of choice with custom servers and codes. Apple Pro Res is now available on softwares running on Windows. In Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Resolve so I am really thinking of shifting to PC. Only reason I am still on a Mac OS is for ARRI codex VFS to backup Original Camera Files (OCF) from codex capture drives. I have also contacted Codex support. Looks like it will take some more time or may be, it will always be primarily Mac OS only for codex RAW for ARRI Camera's. I generally use Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve Studio with Adobe Premiere Pro/Media Encoder. Even native camera tools like Red Cine X pro or ARRI RAW convertor or Sony Catalyst to transcode for offline edit. These are also available on windows. It looks like I will be able to work on most of the proprietary original camera files to transcode with windows apps like mac drive pro to read & write mac formatted drive. No doubt building a machine to playback 8k R3D and for transcoding makes sense on Windows PC. Here are some doubts. I have. Can NAS communicate with Windows & Mac Networks through shared storage Ethernet. Any third party solution to use Codex VFS for camera like ARRI RAW to safely backup footage from codex capture drives (cards) with apps like Hedge with md5 or xxHash64 checksum. Any suggestions.