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  1. Recommend any good and not very expensive B450?
  2. If that was the problem, why doesn't it happen in vulkan? And only in fullscreen?
  3. Hello everyone, hope you're all save during this human malware. The problem is the following: Every time, I turn my PC Volume UP, I have lag in games/YouTube. It's strange, but I try to investigate more about it, and find almost nothing. Details about the problem: If im on YouTube for example, on fullscreen, and I turn the volume UP our DOWN, there a lag/sttuter, this happens also in games for example warzone. If the volume is on the max, and I turn it up, it doesn't happen, same if the volume is 0, and I turn it down. This problem only happens in fullscreen. I thought it was the overlay sound indicator that was making that, but I used software to turn that off and the problem is steel there. Funny thing is, in doom eternal, that bug didn't happen. I thought it was because of VULKAN, so I installed WWZ that was vulkan and the bug did not occur. I switch to direct X 11 on WWZ and the bug appeared. This is what I Know about the problem so far. Solutions tried: Freesync off Clean amd drivers install Fullscreen optimization off Clean windows install Turn the refresh rate to 60Hz (my monitor is 75) Important information: I use and high sound device, so the audio it's coming from the HDMI to the monitor. My GPU is RX580 8GB PHANTOM GAMIMG D CPU RYZEN 5 2600 RAM 8GB MOTHERBOARD A320-HDV R3 ASROCK I tried to use the Realtek from the onboard jacks on my Motherboard same problem. I try to clean install Realtek drivers, same thing My monitor it's gonna be in the pictures I'm gonna add SSD 240GB What I think it is: I think it's just AMD drivers and direct X, which makes no sense because I can't find more reports about the problems, but it seems like its some DIRECT X problem. Thank you for reading. If you want more info just ask
  4. Bernardo Rosa


    Im using simple sony headphones, only discord in the background. and also usin AMD HIGH DEFINITON AUDIO DEVICE.
  5. Bernardo Rosa


    Everytime i increase the sound on my pc, i get stutter In games, and watching youtube. Some times more other times less. I have all drivers updated. I have tried a clean install from windows. I have this problem for about 1 year. So far, the only game it doesn't happen, is doom eternal, where the overlay whit the sound that indicates the volume doesn't pop up. I try software to make that overlay go away but the problem persisted. PC: ryzen 5 2600x RX580 8GB 8GB RAM 2400 240SSD a320m-hdv r3.0 motherboard LG 75HZ monitor