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  1. Should i disable AES New Instructions? For latency and gaming purposes?
  2. I do believe it's nothing really in the pc specs. I think really it's some interference with electricity because the pc has a different feeling everyday. I bought new mice, 240 hz monitor new keyboard, New gpu, new ram, new mobo, new ssd. Installed and tried every windows version since 1511, tweak my windows and my bios, changed from pure uefi to legacy, changed thermal paste, bought new display port cable. I must have spent almost 1 year and a half just to fix my pc. And i still got the opportunity to go semi pro i am trying so hard you have no idea. Used new and old drivers. Uded modified drivers. Formatted my pc for like 200 times my ssd is already at 72% life with over terabytes of info cleaned. I just can't take it no more. I usually configure lan pcs to have the best latency and have hours and hours of reading and watching videos every single day just to fix this. PC SPECS AND GEAR I5-6600K OC 4.8 GHZ Z270 SLI PLUS 1650 SUPER GIGABYTE ARTIC FREEZER 13 COOLER HYPERX FURY OVERCLOCKED 3200 MHZ CL16 GLORIOUS MODEL O AW2518HF 240 HZ I mainly play cs go with over 4k hours, and have tried every setting that you can imagine.
  3. Yeah that's a nice idea. I actually tried it and the game was still pretty "unsmooth" ahha. You have no idea how many hours and how much money i spent to buy new parts and monitors just to fix this problem. Also, i had this problems in my last house. I felt laggy as hell. I already had this case, with only the front panel connected. No usb 3.0 no hd audio no nothing. And for some reason that seems to make my pc go crazy xD. Im starting to believe i really really really needed a new case in good conditions.
  4. Yeah. Im just going to wait for the case to arrive and the new cables. New cables and new case won't hurt and will make things feel fresh. A strange thing happened to me. A long time ago when I didn't know anything about PCs i wouldn't just mess around, i just played, at that time my case had all the connectors and it was all connected. One day my mobo fried, (not on this house) and i bought a cheap case (this one) with the fear of burning another mobo, (don't blame me i was dumb xD). When i unpluged the connectors in this case, i got input lag. Im starting to believe i really need to have everything plugged in for the pc to actually work how it's supposed to. I got input lag just by removing the connectors. When i connected them the pc started to be a little bit better in terms of latency. Strange days
  5. here in Europe there isn't a pin on the middle of the cable, the are pins above and under
  6. I changed the powerstrips to connect multiple devices. I only had my monitor and my pc connected. I don't mess around with electricity haha. The monitor got burned in the back, a 240 hz monitor, i asked dell for a rma and they sent me a new one. The monitor literally was black on the behind. c14 i mean (just tge standard ones). I was using the PSU cable on the monitor and the monitor one on the PSU. I guess it doesn't a difference
  7. Yes sure, btw i bought a new case and two new c13 cables from a good brand just to be safe. i also changed like 5 power surges and all of them give me different feelings of the game. Maybe a bad cable?
  8. I bought a new good quality case and some new C13 cables. One for my monitor and one for the psu. Since one of my monitor actually burned in with one of the cables All though it wasn't the cables fault its only like 6€ for two new good brand cables
  9. I have no idea but this is a recent house. Here in Europe our plug has to have two ground pins like 100% of the times. But this lack of stability happens to be around all the house. I changed room and it still happens. Im playing semi pro and it is really bad for me to have this input lag. The game was never this difficult, my mechanics seem like a monster truck trying to steer And btw one time everything just went smooth as well and i could play for like 3 hours
  10. Hey , im having some grounding issues, my case shocks me a lot of times and i have gigantic input lag and the mouse feels floaty and i tried everything you can imagine but didn´t change the case. The case doesnt have the hd audio neither the usb conectors, im just using the front panel conectors, the standoffs seem a little funky and pc is very unstable, even with tests in aida64 and prime95. Could a case actually be a bottleneck for a pc? Since its not in good conditions. Thanks in advance. PS: Could the bad case actually affect the grounding in the whole pc?