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  1. okay thank you guys apresheate it will look deeper into these.
  2. Okay i will most likely be rebuilding my pc in the near future and i am looking for a new case between like 100 - 150 ish USD. I am looking something with decent airflow and future support for liquid cooling and somewhat a decent aesthetic cause I plan it to be like a centerpiece of my room. Any suggestions ?
  3. hey guys i was thinking of upgrading my netflix game with a tv instead of monitor my budget is around 400 dollars and i am aiming at around 50-55 inches so far i found these : LG 55UM7100PLB - 139cm LG 55UM7050PLC - 139cm Toshiba 55UL2A63DG - 139cm Samsung UE55RU7092 - 138cm BTW i am from czech republic so some products might not be available here but i will definitely look trough your tips and will try to find the best TV
  4. personaly i would just wait for RTX 3000 launch and cheaper 2080/2080ti
  5. Do not do SLI games are stoping to support it so i do not think that is a good idea
  6. It shoul work just fine when i switched to ryzen it I had no problems.