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  1. What about the afterburner?
  2. It happens in games of course i reach 51c.
  3. No because i have my fps set to unlimited in the menu, and i see my gpu power and usage at 99% and gpu power is like 101%. So a lot happening in the menu.
  4. So i have my evga ftw3 ultra 2080Ti to under water full custom build. My temps reaches max 48-49 max 50. But when im playing cod for example in the menu of the game. I see it goes to 1950mhz why im losing 15hz? Its not even reaching the temp for boost clock 51c.
  5. U cant see the white stuff on the jet plate?
  6. Im not sure if thats a sarcastic answer or u really tryna help. Either way i appreciate your reply. But its my first loop and kinda worried about the white stuff.
  7. Whats that on my jet plate any idea?
  8. So i filled my system last week and noticed theres some tube residue in my middle cpu fins at the bottom. My temps are good but my anxiety couldnt accept the fact they are there. I drained the system and cleaned every fitting,adapter, and tube with distilled water. But i didnt bother flushing the rads as they were already flushed before, and i thought emptying is enough. I filled the system again yesterday i see the same practicles kinda less in the middle cpu fins same spot. Temps are good. Should i bother emptying again or should i wait for my regular 6 month maintenance? I tried to make the picture clear but i couldnt because it was hard to capture them rgb on or off.
  9. So i have this build for almost 3 days now. And i had a big airbubble in the cpu block. And that bubble was gone yesterday and it gave me that mark on the cpu block is that something to be concerned about?
  10. very high coolant temp? So i finished my build yesterday, acrylic. i have the li xl case. and my room ambient temp is 76F. i have 3 fans intake and 6 exhaust. i know some of yall gonna say this is bad but according to my research the difference is minimal. i have 3 corsair HD fans and the rest of the 6 fans are corsair ML pro rgb. im getting good temps during gaming. like 50c cpu and 45c gpu. but my coolant temp keeps rising till like 41c i havent played for long to see how high it reaches but got me realy worried. i have a fan curve for coolant temp to rise with the coolant. my fans are 100% blasting. is this bad or what's going on? specs i9 9900k. evga rtx 2080 ti. 64gb corsair vegeance pro.3 corsair radiator 2 360 and 1 240. i have the ek quantum kinteic tbe 300 pump/resevoir combo. not overclocked system only xmp is on. i have high performance mode selected in power options not sure if that's what u meant. and indigo cryofuel by ek is my coolant. and my cpu is ek velocity. and for the gpu ek vector ftw3 rtx 2080 TI.
  11. So i flushed my radiator 3 days ago. But because my luck is bad i ran out of tubing, i ordered new tubing and they are coming next week tuesday. Do i need to flush again or no need? The rads are brand new
  12. So i own the ek tubing and the ek torque fittings and i always chamfer my tubes really good before installation. Its just i noticed when installing the tubing i get scratches like that when securing the fitting. https://i.imgur.com/wn48FPq.jpg i noticed on multiple tubes in my build. Im using acrylic. Is that something should i be worried about? When installing the tubes i can hear the tubes slides past the o ring so i know its secured.
  13. Lol thats brand new rad. Nah i mounted them.
  14. Is it normal for rads to have corrosion u got me worried a little