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  1. Hi everyone, I recently moved into a new home and wanted to have a capable setup. I decided to splurge and get a good router and modem as I have xfinity (the only real isp in my area). For a modem we got the arris surfboard SB8200, and router we got the netgear AX1800. We have gigabit internet through our isp and while I recognize that we won’t always get gigabit down I did expect more than 300 mbps while right next to the router. When I first got everything connected I only got 90-120 mbps but after changing some setting in the router admin portal I was able to get 350 mbps. This worked for a couple of days then I tried to tinker with everything some more to see if I could get it back but now I’m back to getting 100 mbps even after putting everything back how it was before. So my question is what kind of settings should I be focusing on to change and tweak to get better speeds and what should I not change?
  2. Also where would a switch come into play? Does that just give me more Ethernet ports? Or does it accomplish something else too?
  3. Ok so when getting a separate modem what should I look for? Does the modem also have to be WiFi 6 capable? What should I be looking for?
  4. Hey everyone. I am moving into a new house and am wanting to have a good home internet set up. I live in Utah and the only real ISP is xfinity by Comcast. I was planning on getting their 1gigabit speed download internet package and getting a good quality modem and router. So here is my question. I was looking at the nighthawk mesh WiFi (netgear ax1800) setup that supposedly supports up to 1.8 gigabits Or the nighthawk ax6 (netgear ax4300) which should support over 2 gigabits. However, xfinity requires a coax cable which neither of these have. So I would also need a modem to take in the coax connect that to what ever router I choose. So would it be better to just get an all in one modem router that supports WiFi 6 or should we get a separate modem then have one of the above routers and if so which modem would be a good fit? What are some ideas to have a good but not over the top expensive WiFi 6 capable internet set up? The new house will also have a basement apartment and our plan is to include internet Into their rent but we would like to have them have their own network and password for our security. Would we need a new access point for this or can we configure the router to produce two networks with different passwords? (I think I’ve seen something about doing that by changing the ssid? I’m not sure I’m a novice in terms of home networking) thanks in advance for the help and advice.