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  1. Tomorrow I will take the PC apart and clean everything. My 6 Months Maintenance is overdue by 2 Months. Started today, but...uhm...had an emergency on Rust !
  2. I mean, at 1,375V at 4.2GHz it does reach upper 80's.With AC on at 21 Celsius it doesn't crash, but I don't feel comfortable with those values !
  3. It's 2 radiators in series ...1x 120mm and a 1x 240mm ! Had them around and did a McGyver job ! My bad ...H45 rad with built in pump, H55 pump and an Arctic 240mm rad It's a thick one.
  4. Ambient temps 25.9 Celsius ! The cooling solution is 1x Corsair H45 and 1x Corsair 55 in series just for the CPU ! Not Even Mad ! Just saying this is a nice little CPU !