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  1. Well that's unfortunate to hear. At least now I can rest easy knowing there's nothing I can do about it on my end. Thanks for the insight.
  2. Hello all, Do people find that the palm rejection for pen inputs get significantly worse when writing in portrait mode on Windows laptops? I spoke to customer support for Dell and they told me this is a problem across all laptops, but couldn't give me a definitive explanation for why palm rejection seemed to be radically worse when in portrait mode. Any thoughts?
  3. Hey all, not sure if a post like this belongs on the ltt forums, but from watching the channel, Linus always talks up how nice all of you guys are for giving advice, so I thought I would turn to the forums. So for some context, after struggling through my first year of engineering using pen and paper and going into debt by wasting ink printing out lecture slides, I decided to buy a 2 in 1 for all my note taking and studying purposes. I bought the HP Spectre x360 13, and although I was initially hyped to get this laptop, and more generally have a 2 in 1 laptop at all, I found it to be clunky to hold due to its weight and shape. I also came to the realization, that if I wanted to have say a totally legally obtained pdf of my textbook on the side while I take notes, that my note taking window would be extremely small, or with the whole COVID situation, taking notes while watching lecture videos. I am wondering, aside from having the blessing of infinite paper, if the 2 in 1 laptop experience is at all better to having a physical notebook. If not, I was thinking of buying an iPad and stylus alongside my traditional laptop, as it's significantly lighter than most 2 in 1s and I could still take handwritten notes, but still have a computer to run CADing software and display textbooks, among other things. The iPad route seems pretty tempting, but I'm still clinging onto the initial ideal of what I thought having an all in one machine would be like. What do you all think? Stay with a 2 in 1 or get an iPad and use it with a regular laptop for university? P.s. don't buy the Spectre without the 4k OLED, the FHD screen with the built in privacy screen creates the most narrow and pooptastic viewing angles ever to grace the human eye.