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Doug H.

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  • CPU
    i7 9700k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B365m DS3H Wifi
  • RAM
    16 gb 3200
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 2070 super oc
  • Storage
    1 Tb HDD 512 gb ssd
  • PSU
    600 watt EVGA 600 BR

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  1. I have a rift s and a 2070 super and 9700f with 16 gb of ram and some games like pavlov and boneworks make me run at 40 fps instead of the 80 fps of the rift s even though my rig is capable even at the highet setings help>
  2. I have checked temps but Ill try again today and yes I have reseated the ram.
  3. I scan for malware all of the time and there has consistently been none. Ill check out latencyMon thank you
  4. Hi, I have had my rig for 5 months and haven't had any problems up until recently. It has a 9700k and a 2070 super in it with 16 gb of ram and an ssd and hdd. In games, I hve been getting random microstutters that I have never had before, and it gets really annoying especially in vr. Also, lots of games won't launch and tell me that d3d device has been lost. I don't have an antivirus to interfere with it and I'm on the most recent drivers. I don't know why any of this is appening. The only things I have downloaded are steam and other launchers, chrome, and beat saber maps. I don't understand why my computer randomly starting to run slower. Also, I get issues where my mouse will freeze for a few seconds and then appear where it should be. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I’m selling an old pc with an i3 2120 and Radeon 7770 and he offered five hundred which is way more than I asked for. But he wants me to send info which I have shown in the message. Is he legit? Cause if he is I’ll do that in a heartbeat.
  6. I have 50 dollars to spend on some games and know the summer sale is coming up. I just got a be headset and need some games. I already have beat saber and saw that sprint vector was 15$ and Skyrim was 18$. Do you think they are games worthy of the price or should I wait a few days for the sale?
  7. Yeah he has a 1080 and a 6700k so it was smooth. I have a 9700k and 2070 super so I wont experience any poor performance.
  8. These will be my first vr games and am wondering what will be good for 30 dollars total or under. I love all types of games and want some good ones to start with. I dont have vr motion sickness as I have tried games like Half Life Alyx at my friends house, so any suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ive tried it at a friends house and it was pretty fun, but I can't see myself playing it that much.
  10. Yeah I like all types of games
  11. I finally sniped a rift s and want to get a few games that aren't like beat saber or 40-60 dollars. Anyone know any cheap games that are still very fun. Thanks in advance.
  12. I was finally able to snipe a rift s off of Best Buy away from the bots and am wondering what the first games I should get are? No budget really just want to know some good titles.
  13. So I’m planning on buying a vr headset because a local store has them for retail. I have a good vr rig (2070 super 9700k) and am wondering if I should get a rift s or a quest. I heard rift s has better graphics despite the smaller resolution and things are clearer on it. I also like how it does not require to be charged. But with a link cable, I can connect it to pc but the cable is expensive. I need help lol.
  14. I have a 9700f at 4.3 ghz and a 2070 super also oc and I want a vr headset. He problem is I don’t know what one to get. I’m debating between rift s, quest with a link cable, or waiting for a reverb. I’m not sure Update, I also found a new cosmos for 400 dollars, is that a good option? also my budget is around 500 dollars US
  15. Hi, I want to know if you can make an i7 9700f run at boost speeds all the time for max performance? I'm not that knowledgeable but I am competent so if someone can tell me how I can figure it out. It would greatly help my new build. Thanks in advance.