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  1. that was while running heaven, the card has two fans and the case is open
  2. got temps around 55-67 celcius according to afterburner... is that normal...?
  3. 142 fps 3600 score how would I go without a pci-e cable? Isn't that what connects it to the power supply?
  4. 142 fps 3600 score not sure how to check temps
  5. reinstalled the nvidia drivers just now even though I'd already done so immediately after install. Should I go to the evga site and look for something else?
  6. So I've recently built a whole new machine, and just finally got the GPU, a 2080ti. I put it in and was surprised at the poor performance. I'm getting 40-60ish frames at 1080p where most benchmarks for the same card and the same games are getting higher frames than that at 4k. I've set the PC to max performance, I have the latest NVIDIA drivers, my power supply has plenty of wattage I've got two separate PCIe cables, etc. Something is wrong, and my intermediate PC knowledge has failed me. Help please? specs: evga rtx 2080 ti xc ultra ryzen 5 2600 corsair vengeance lpx 16gb msi b450 tomahawk atx am4 evga supernova g3 650w