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  1. Okay I did it, i had to go to boot precision overdrive, thanks for your help!
  2. Media creation tool
  3. I went to windows website on my other pc and downloaded windows installer from there.
  4. JustinNgos


    I just built my pc and I’m trying to boot onto my USB drive for windows. It appears on my bios and I’ve set boot to UEFI and it just doesn’t boot onto the USB, it boots into “American Megatrends” page and it just tells me to press F1 to go into bios. Please help.. (I have a B550-f motherboard)
  5. You know what, this gpu is for my pc we just bought it early bc it was $90 off so ill just buy the psu now(MWE 750w Gold)
  6. Um... it came with his prebuilt, off brand crap. I’m guessing 400-430w?
  7. I just bought the rx 5600xt gaming mx and it requires 2x8 pins and my brothers pcs psu only has 1 8 pin cable. Is it safe to run with just one? If it’s safe to run what port should plug in, right of left?
  8. No but why does it require two 8 pin connectors when one 8 pin connector already provides 150w of power?
  9. I recently purchased a MSI 5600 XT Gaming MX and it requires 2x8 pin power. I have the wattage but I’m just wondering why does it need that much power? The cooler is decent and doesn’t look like it consumes that much. Like the gigabyte Gaming OC one has 3 fans and only needs 8 pin power. Just a question, Thanks!
  10. I am looking at 5600xt cards and I saw one that was $90 off so it was $350 CAD and I was wondering if the cooler is any good because I read online that it was the budget orientated version on the Gaming Series. Should I get it?
  11. When will the 3060 come out? Around Rdna 2? Because I’m building a pc around oct to November ish
  12. Since the Rtx 30 series just released I was looking to get a 20 series card like a 2070 or super and I’ve seen lots of cheap cards like a 2070 going for $400 cad around $300 usd and I was looking to buy one once the 30 series are getting sold and preordered. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a scam or not bc those prices seem to good to be true. Does anyone have any experience with buying used cards? Thanks
  13. I am looking to build a pc soon in a month or two and I wanted to do some over clocking with my cpu (R5 3600). And I was wondering what yep of cooler I should use. I am looking for anything under $110 cad (around $80 usd) and I was looking at the cooler master master liquid ml240l rgb v2 or the hyper 212 black. Can someone tell me which is better? I know that liquid coolers don’t last as long but let’s just say that they both last the same time. Thanks