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  1. ohh that's way easier, saves a bunch lol! anyone have experience with dedicated servers? as i understood its just servers that run windows that i can connect to remotely, did anyone try it?
  2. do i really need such a gpu though? i barely use any of my gpu % in the task manager, mine is a bit overkill, and when i opened 48 tasks i didn't even reach 45%
  3. so, i am working on something on my gaming computer (which is not gaming), and it involve opening a process many times and let it run on the background, the thing is, my gaming laptop isn't strong enough, someone told me i might be interested in a workstation, but i never even heard that term before, so.. i wanna know how much such a thing will cost, here is a picture i took from my task manager: so, 64 GB memory was enough, maybe just add a bit more to be sure in case it get effected overtime GPU was also able to handle it. but the CPU... jesus... the CPU was freaking dying. each process use about 1.3% CPU-3.8% CPU, averaging about 2.4%, but i did see a 14% one when i opened a lot at once. in average, ill be opening 48 processes together, which is a lot considering that the more i open, the more each process use cpu%, and considering that except those processes, i have the regular computer processes, which will also take a chunk. here is a picture i took with only 9 processes opened: utilisation go anywhere from 40%-62% spikes. so, please explain me how this works, what can handle those stats i showed, and how much budget is to be excpected. also, i heard that you can make/buy a server or something like that, and basically can access it from my own computer without it taking my resources, if anyone understand how it works, will also be nice to learn that. edit: its called dedicated servers. thanks in advance.