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  1. S_Dot631

    Need help!!!

    ive built this computer last month. was playing halo and hellblade no problem. started playing destiny 2 the error popped up a few times i googled fixes saw it said make sure to update drivers and yesterday updated to the newest gamedriver the dlss 2.0 one and the issue is still prevalent. so the original driver when i built the system and this new driver have both had the issue
  2. S_Dot631

    Need help!!!

    thanks yeah ive tried specifically this to no avail and updating to the newest nvidia driver. also checking bungies help website and it just says to make sure the drivers are up to date. Theres alot of people who have posted about the issue but ive yet to find a actionable fix
  3. S_Dot631

    Need help!!!

    ive got a rtx 2060 and ryzen 3600 setup and it runs great but ive just started playing destiny 2 again and i cant get 5 mins into the game without getting "graphics runtime crash" and error code broccolli and shuts down. does anyone have any experience with this issue? right before the error comes up and the game crashes, the images on the screen start to bug out and certain things like rocks appear green and then CRASH! i havent done anything like overclock or anything. all the drivers and everything are up to date. but this is my main game and not being able to play it on my new computer and monitor sucks. also other games ive played and had no issues at all. most recently hellblade ive played with no issue. then i jumped into destiny and cant even play 5 mins. hope someone will be able to help