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  1. Hey everyone! Just to get this out of the way, I'm a complete novice when it comes to an AIO, so if this is a really stupid question, apologies in advance. So I recently upgraded my Girlfriends computer to a ryzen 1600af, and bought her a deepcool gammaxx l120v2. My problem is, The motherboard im using (ASUS A320M-E) Doesn't have an RGB header or CPU-OPT fan header. The only thing I can find is CPU-FAN and CHA-FAN. I was wondering If I could use the CHA-FAN instead of CPU-OPT and maybe just make sure its running at 100% at all times? I dont exaclty care about RGB, so would it still work even if it's not plugged in? Is this an option for me, or do I just have to wait till i save up for a new motherboard for her. Let me know!
  2. I've tried clicking the reset to default, but it didn't seem to work either unfortunately.
  3. Hey Everyone! First post here, so it had to be a troubleshooting post :P So I decided to upgrade the RAM in my computer, as I'm currently using 8gb, and I wanted to take advantage of using duel channel. I bought 16gb (8gbx2) of corsair vengance LPX DDR4 2666MHz to replace my current patriot 8gb 2666MHz. When I installed it, after showing the initial ASUS logo, it shows the loading animation then freezes. It either resets itself, or just gets stuck until I reset it manually. I've updated the BIOS, tried to remove dust from ram slots by blowing into it and using compresses air,and Taken out the battery but it doesn't seem to work. I have also tried running each stick of ram by itself, and both work fine individually. It's just whenever I have both in at the same time, I run in to this issue. If someone has any Idea as to what I can do to solve this issue, that'd be greatly appreciated! My specs are as follows, MoBo:ASUS Prime A320M-E CPU: Ryzen 2200g GPU: RX 580 8GB PSU: Thermaltake 500w SSD: Crucial 256gb