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  1. The minecraft server runs great! It's the only thing I've been able to put running. Now the rest is getting kinda hard for me. So you're saying if I change my OS to Ubunto Server, I'll be able to do all I want?
  2. Heya guys! So I have an Intel NUC6i3SYH with: CPU: i3-6100U RAM: 4GB SSD: 120GB SSD SO: Windows 10 I would like to make this mini pc as a server for websites, file storage with owncloud and a server for minecraft bedrock edition. I'm literally noob what comes about server stuff, can you guys help me with this? I've been dreaming doing this for so long but been trying and not being able to do it. Btw I'll be upgrading the RAM to 32Gb and the SSD for a 1TB NVME. Thanks for your help and time! Stay safe!
  3. Heya guys, how are you all? i'm new here and needing some help. I have a h81i-plus mobo and bought an i7-4790 4th gen cpu. It happens that after installing the cpu the system wont post, all the fans spin and stuff but no image. The mobo bios version is the latest one, 2305, and in the cpu compatibility list it shows that it supports the i7 cpu. I even tried an i5-4690 and has the same problem. It only works with my old i3- 4330. I tried removing the gpu and use the "onboard" (cpu) one, removing all the unnecessary things like usb related stuff, clear the cmos, re-flashing the bios... all I could think. Since I have a 430W PSU, could that be the problem? that the psu doesn't have enough power for the cpu? Can anyone help me pls? Gonna leave here my pc specs: Motherboard: Asus H81i-PLUS SCK 1150 CPU: Intel Core i3 4330 @ 3.50GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 2Gb Ram: 2x G.Skill 8Gb DDR3 (16Gb Total) Monitor 1: Samsung S24F350 24" Full HD LED 1920x1080 Monitor 2: Samsung SyncMaster P2270 (Vertical) 1080x1920 Storage: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB SSD KINGSTON SA400S37 120G SSD PNY CS900 120GB SSD PSU: EVGA 430W 80+ Cooler: Nox Hummer AIO 120 Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone!