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  1. Its going to be part of the nas network. I do not have another machine, nor can I afford to build one right now, as I have been laid off of work because of this lovely covid crap. would it be teer to install a os like ubuntu server and run a bunch of virtual machines for the free nas and the nas box? I have an old laptop but it doesnt meet the requirements of freenas let alone pfsense as it started with windows xp if i recall right.
  2. @CPT_BEEMO Here and here are two ways to get ahold of me. If you like please hit me up and we will see what we can do!
  3. No, and I have 4 separate nas systems for a reason Im sure my clients wouldn't like it if i decided to wipe one of the other nas boxes and i lost all their files and such, or if my kids got into their information and did something with it. They are on a separate nas system that only I can connect to for a reason. FreeNas will be the base operating system as this server is part of my personal nas setup. I will then install the Virtual Box plugin to run the pfsense box with that particular virtual machine set to always be running at boot.
  4. I am prolly going to be setting up my old ark server here shortly. Once I get my gig internet installed. If you want I could hit you up at that time if you want
  5. I play arma all the time on my server. I usually run MCC missions and such so there is a wide variety of things to do. I have a few freiends I usually play with also
  6. I am a streamer that is just starting out. I play a variety of gameshere is a list of just a few. What I am seeking is, people that I can play games with on and off stream. Im a casual gamer, that likes to sit back relax, and have fun. Im not really into e-sports of pew pew shootem up killem games that much. I suck at FPS. I have a discord server that is growing and host a few servers on my home network that we could play on and such, If you one of those people, that is high strung, and dont stop till you win or complete the objective, and you CANNOT EVER loose, we will NOT get along. My time in gaming, is my time to relax and unwind. I am able to play just about any time I want, as I am disabled, so time zones might not be such a issue. I am looking for people, groups that game frequently, as I usually game daily, but this isnt required. Maybe a little Co-streaming fun, or even just some laid back non live , non recorded fun doesnt matter to me. Im relatively easy to get along with, as long as your a fairly even keil person. Meaning your not super intense and you can take a joke. Im a bit of a prankster, and a joker, so if waking up and logging into the minecraft server to find your house filled with dirt, would aggravate you beyond belief, we will not get along. I take as well as I give. If I fill your house with dirt I, EXPECT to wake up to a house filled with lava. ((chuckles)) I enjoy many things, and really there are not many people out there that I cannot find some sort of common grounds with. Som, IF I sound interesting, please shoot me a message and Ill get back with you asap! Lightningroc77
  7. Oracle VirtualBox is the software i plan to use. IF thats a hypervisor otherwise the primary os will prolly be FreeNas unless thats going to cause a issue
  8. Okay, Im networking stupid. Can you explain what a hypervisior is? Or if I type that into google will it come up?
  9. I play all kinds of games anything from american truck sim to Ark Survival Evolved to Empyrion to Conan to GTA.l Al;ll kinds of games. Be happy to get together with you and play some games!
  10. I am just learning this game also, but i have a few freinds that have been playing this game for a VERY long time and know alot about it. WOuld be happy to join up with you and maybe try to introduce you to them, who knows we all might have a blast!
  11. I have a HP ProLiant DL360 G7 4b Server with 12 cores and 32 gigs of memory and 4 lan ports. What I want to do is run fiber throughout my house to have the fastest network possibe. For my movie server my 4 diy nas servers and various other things. I have a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD that i will be installing pfSense on. Now my question is this. If I install a virtual machine on this server to be the actualy machine running the pfSense software, will it work? This server was bought for another purpose, but from what I understand would make a really overkill router. This server runs a few game servers and a web server. I have a friend that works for SPectrum, making me all the optical cable and connectors I will need, but I am still unsure if i can use a always on virtual machine to run pfsense, and if the download caching and other plugins will work. My goal is to create several subnets to isolate my pcs and cell phones, from my xbos ps4 rokus and fire sticks, and also isolate it from the wireless network. BUt, this is all useless if the virtual machine is not able to do this. Pardon my post if its silly, as I am just learning about networking and all that, and I am taking this on as a tinkering project, while this whole stay at home order is in place. Any help or guides or videos would be helpful. I have watched alot of youtube setup videos and done a MASSIVE amount of reading, but none of the reading or videos said if this would function on a virtual machines. My plan is to use Virtual Box to run the machine and give it 400 gig of hard drive space and 4 gigs of ram. Thanks, Lost in networking