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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, monitors aren’t cheap and returning one if I don’t like it isn’t an option so i’m trying to make a good decision.
  2. Debating on which size to go for, worried if i go for a 1080p 27” monitor it’ll be too low PPI. 1440p is out of the question. I just want some opinions on it. I’m coming from a 27” 1440p screen on an iMac. Thats why i’m worried about pixel density on 27”. Would like to know your thoughts!
  3. Ok. I saw some reviews around june-august saying good latency, then others in september reporting very poor unbearable latency. Perhaps they just haven’t updated firmware?
  4. I'm reading alot of mixed reviews regarding the latency of these headphones, some reporting horrible latency and others reporting very adequate latency for watching video content. All these reviews seem to have random dates and no clear indication that the good latency came after a firmware update or something of the sort. I would just like to know whether the latency is an issue at random or a way to guarantee that I get good latency (firmware update or something of the sort). They're on a very good deal right now where I am. I most likely will pick them up if they have good latency.
  5. No exact model in mind, just looking for the best priced kit for either 3000/3200/3600 speed ram.
  6. Don't have a system yet, just wondering at what its comprable too
  7. The title is self-explanatory, just wanna know what the ryzen 3400g’s integrated graphics are capable of and what would be a comparable graphics card. Yes i’m aware that getting a 1600 with an RX 570 will give me much better fps, but I would just like to know what the 3400g’s rough graphical performance is. Thanks
  8. Ah, okay. Thanks for the advice regarding the RX cards. I found an RX 580 8gb for a very similar price that I could for a 4gb card, used but seems legit, so hopefully I can acquire that card. As for why I don't want the 1600AF, its purely because where I live, first gen ryzen is similarly priced to second gen, to the point where I can get a 2600, still with markup because where I live, but much cheaper than the regular 1600. I could only find the 1600AF on one website, but heavily marked up still, so at this point the 2600 seems to be my best choice. I tried finding used first gen ryzen chips, but even then they would just by shy of the price of a 2600. So rather than getting a used first gen, new second gen ryzen seems to be the best option I have without spending too much.
  9. I'm open to used but after checking used prices on few large online shopping sites and all used 1600s were the same price as a new 2600. For some reason new 1600s are really marked up, I assume due to the confusion in the market of the 1600AF and the non AF model. Any other alternatives to the 1600/2600? I'm not sure on what else to look for. Just going to be using it for casual gaming and some photo/video work. Update: After looking for first gen Ryzen chips, 1400, 1500X, 1600, 1600X, 1600AF (rare where I live), all prices were severely marked up ranging above 140US and much higher, used or new. Or they were cheap without box. I can find a 2600 new for under that. It seems that the 2600 is my best option right now unless I can find a deal on something else.
  10. Ok thanks, found an RX 580 4GB for the same I could find an RX 570 4GB for, any good idea on cpu? Ryzen 1600AF is not an option. Either looking at 2600 but thats a bit too expensive for my budget considering the markup on it. Any other options besides these two that would work well with the RX 580?
  11. Also seeing alot of used RX 580 8gbs for cheap, but most likely they are ex-mining. Was wondering whats the problem with ex-mining gpus? I am aware there is a problem with them but not exactly sure what is. Thanks for the advice tho.
  12. Is the RX 570 8GB really worth the extra money over the RX 570 4GB model? I'm seeing some comments regarding the fact that the RX 570 doesn't really utilize the full 8GB of VRAM in most games. But i'm just looking for something thats the better value, and want to know whether the 8gb versions are worth the money or not.
  13. I realistically only have 350-400 dollars. But that doesn't account for the mark ups on where I live. If anyone could configure or recommend certain parts for a system with 350-400USD with a decent upgrade path where I wouldn't have to spend too much on revamping the whole system to be able to drop in, say an RTX 2060 with a Ryzen 5 3600.
  14. The original parts list I created was, AMD Ryzen 2600 (2600 because 1600AF is definitely not available in any major online retailers where I am) MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Patriot Viper Black 2x4gb Team MS30 512GB M.2 SSD XFX Radeon RX 570 8GB (or any other RX 570 8GB card I could find for the best deal) EVGA 550 PSU (will use corsair cx550, this was just what it was originally plotted out as) No case as I have one already It came out much too expensive with the prices I could find, where these components were marked up around 10-20% depending where I look. I redid it with the same PSU, motherboard, and RAM in hopes to perhaps upgrade in the future. But instead with a 240gb SSD and either Ryzen 3200G/3400G. Anyone know if the monitor (LG29WK600) I picked will have issues with the Ryzen 3200G/3400G?