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  1. Wow, thanks for the list. But is that basically the cheapest build possible or are these actually good components? I saw that RAM before and thought about choosing it however it looks sort of cheap. But I'm not an expert... I planned the exact same case and motherboard But 1TB SSD would probably be better however that would cost me roughly 880-900€, which I can't afford
  2. I thought about B550 Micro-ATX if it's not too expensive. Otherwise I would get a B450 3000 series ready motherboard if I can find one.
  3. Hey, I'm planning to build my first gaming pc (around 800-850€) and I'm not sure if the parts I wanna buy are future proof for the next gen games which will probably rely on multiple core performance... I thought about one of these options for my build: R3 3300X & RX 5600 XT R5 3600 & RX 5600 XT R3 3300X & RX 5700. (I can't afford R5 3600 with RX 5700 and I can't find a RTX 2060 right now that is cheaper than a RX 5700 so that's not an option.) So my question would be if any of these are future proof (for at least 3 years, I won't upgrade my pc for at least for this time because I can't afford it...) or would I need better components for a future proof gaming pc? I don't plan to play many AAA titles, just a few, but I'd like to play in 1080p with 60fps or more at mid to max settings. And I would prefer it to not overclock anything if possible for a future proof pc because I don't know exactly how it works, I don't wannt to break anything and I would like my pc to live for more than just a couple of years. I'm worried about the 4c/8t of the 3300X but also about the 6GB VRAM of the 5600 XT... but as I said, I can't get the 6c/12t with 8GB VRAM option.
  4. Ok thanks. but I forgot to add another cable... do you know what this is?
  5. It's a long story why I have these cables and computer parts and it's not that important. Does anyone know what these computer parts are called and what they are supposed to do? (Sorry for my bad camera) I tried to find it out myself but I didn't find much... Also sorry if this is not the right forum but I didn't know where else I should go. (I don't think the samsung data link cable is a pc part but I found it and had no idea what it is...)