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    Gaming and modding
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    Not sure to consider myself an enthusiast but plan on one day teaching an i.t class.
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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI x370 Gaming Carbon Pro
  • RAM
    32 GB 3000mhz Vengeance RGB Pro
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    2x GTX 1070 FE SLI
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    Phanteks x350
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    256GB Coirsair NVME 1TB San Disk SSD 1TB HDD
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    Coirsair H100i
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    Razer Kraken Tourment Edition
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    Windows 10 PRO
  1. Honestly its not much of a noticeable improvement as you know sli isnt much like it used to be, i was able to pick a 2nd one up for $180 so its almost like a derivative piece, if you were thinking about running sli with 1070s im not to sure to recommend doing so, from what i found it has about a 10% improvement of that of a single 1080ti.
  2. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rust-Oleum-7272830-Stops-Rust-Metallic-Spray-Paint-11-oz-Dark-Bronze/264459407?variantFieldId=actual_color
  3. So this isn't a question but i thought id share this, I plan on building a desk pc in the near future and i want the theme to be gold and black. I havent seen anyone paint the 10 series cards (not saying anyone hasnt) and i took on doing it, I have 2 1070s and the nvidia sli bridge and painted all the silver bits and I think they turned out amazing, though the top card picture got dirt on it while it was drying underneath the heatsink window, the 2nd card i got didnt have the FE backplate on them so i made acrylic backplates for both, tell me what you think. All this took was spray paint and super glue.
  4. Alrighty orded both just incase, thank you guys.
  5. Okay, so got a question here, I'm currently working on a big computer mod and I'm painting the heatspreaders to my coirsair vengeance pro rgb ram, when I took the spreaders off on the back side of the dimms there was this like foam spacer so the spreaders would be even with each other (chips are only on the front not the back) is there any retailer that sells stuff like this or is not anything special (well aware i need thermal tape for the front) or is there a certain keyword I need to search up for it, any help would be greatly appreciated. (Pictures I included still had some of this foam still attached as i was removing the rest of adhisive)
  6. Would you happen to have a link to this video? Much appreciated.
  7. Okay, so im starting a new project in building my own desk, and i plan on heavily mod my gtx 1070s adding a waterblock, with the original founders edition shroud on it. I notice while tearing down my card on the pcb there is a empty plug area for a 8 pin comection on the side rather than the top. Is it possible or has anyone tried to put the power connector on that slot on the side instead of the top sort of like the rtx 2060? I cant find anything online of anyone trying this or are the pin holes just dead with out any traces, or would it just fry my cards? If possible i just plan on moving the pin connection to that slot if that makes sense.