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  1. i turned the fan up on the gpu. it wasnt even on in the adrenaline software. hoping that did it
  2. no its not that.it will just flicker off and on a few times then just stay off.my keyboard leds will also go off.some times it does it so bad i cant even make it to log in on windows. thanks to the flickering issues people have with freesync its almost impossible to search online. its running like a champ now but always does when switch out power cords or make other changes. in a few hours it will return.
  3. Monitor is dell s3220dgf 165hz .
  4. Sorry for my grammar. Card is an xfx rx 5700 xt raw 2
  5. Problem from hell. Card worked great for 2 weeks. After that in bios desktop or gaming it started to flicker n crash. Even In my bios. Things I’ve tried new psu- evga 850 gq two different psu cables new x570 mother board new cpu putting pci on gen 3 different drivers undervolting swapped cables thermal pads on vram was hanging half off so fixed that. New paste on gpu new bios on mobo and gpu if it’s online I have tried it.here is the crazy part. After I try something new it runs great for hours and I think YAY I fixed it. I can game I can get good benchmarks . I’ll start to feel better then bam flickering and crash returns. It’s the craziest thing. msi mpg edge X570 ryzen 7 3700x hyper x predator 3000 evga 850 gq
  6. mines even flickering and crashing in bios.had an evga 650 bq was told that was the problem so got a 850 gq and still crashing. i havnt played a game since ive had this thing
  7. mines crashing too. was flickering like crazy. couldnt hardly get in to windows. noticed my 3000 mhz ram was set to 2400 mhz .switched it to 3000 mhz and it stopped .not even gonna pretend to know why. maybe im just getting lucky atm and it will return.