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  1. @redteam4ever I think I understand but to just out of curiosity: 1) Could I still use it without risking further complications? 2) How sure can one be about the PSU being problem when the cooler was overburdened until I restored the PC?
  2. @redteam4ever According to task manager the CPU load seems to be low, at it's highest it reached 25% for approximately 40 seconds but went back gradually to 18% and then 7% when I was only running Firefox, Discord and Spotify. I have no exact idea where the smells come from but all I know is that it appears when I turn my PC on, disappears when I turn it oof and reappears again when I turn it on. What I could find from my PSU, if I am correct, is this: ATX 12V GPS-300JB A 90-264Vac 13A 10A 0.3A 2A 9A(11A) 17A http://www.deltaww.com/products/CategoryListT1.aspx?CID=010101&hl=en-us
  3. Backstory: Recently my PC had a weird malware so my CPU was working harder than it should normally and it got heated. At first I thought it was the thermal paste so I added a new one. But since that did not work I restored the PC because I thought it was a malware and now it works normally and the temperature looks alright when I run Core Temp as the screenshot (screenshot 1) I have attached here shows. Now to the problem: Recently there is a funny smell that comes out from my PC when I run it. I can't describe it perfectly but I think of burned soda drinks. It also makes the air of my room humid and warm as if it is a sauna but it is nothing that is fried. I opened the desktop and everything inside is good. And when I run Core Temp all looks fine still (Screenshot 2). Question: What could the problem be? How can I solve this? NOTE: It is approximately 20 mins between the both screenshots of Core Temp.
  4. @5x5 I understand. Is there any possible way to change it so it works again and perhaps buy higher quality lights?
  5. Currently I have an ASUS GC11B tower PC from 2015 with RGB lights out of function, Any advice that could help me fix it would appreciated. For further information I have linked the official page of the PC and attached images of the problem. Thanks! LINK FOR THE PC: https://www.asus.com/us/Tower-PCs/G11CB/
  6. This problem is solved. Solved by restoring PC and reinstall Chrome safely.
  7. Thanks. Problem are solved. Everything is fine now.
  8. I am increasingly sure about that this is a virus that I may have gotten when I added a Google Chrome extension. However I am not sure which one it was. How do I remove this Chrome extension without necessarily getting this malware again now when I am restoring the computer? I am too spooked to ever download Google Chrome now.
  9. How do I detect a malware and how do I get rid off it?
  10. I have a PC (desktop) that has suddenly gotten very load. I can feel warm air blasting through the back of the fan and. On the attached screenshots here it will show the apps that takes most of my CPU, temperatures and the warnings I constantly receive from the Windows and ASUS system. The processor I have is an Intel Core i7-6000 3.40 GHZ and an 8 GB RAM. As I write this I currently have only 3 Chrome tabs open as I heard Chrome takes up a lot of RAM memory. Thanks!
  11. I know people who uses raspberry pi a lot as a server by using linux. I was curious why this is the case and why linux on raspberry pi has become a popular method to make a server?
  12. I have this broken ethernet cable (image) and I wonder if there any good advice on how to fix it if it any hope to repair it?