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  1. First post, so thanks in advance for your help! I am going to be starting medical school in a few months and am looking to purchase a laptop, monitors, and peripherals that can reliably last me for the duration of school. All my previous laptops have been macbooks, but I've been using a Dell for work for the past year and have really grown to appreciate the Windows environment for professional use. For the laptop I am looking for something that roughly meets these criteria: 15" range (I currently have a 13" that is not big enough) Preferably windows $1000-2000 price range Good amount of storage Something that will be fast and reliable for years to come Can support photo editing (hence the large storage), some mild gaming, and multitasking Professional look To go along with this laptop I am looking to get: 2-3 monitors in the 24"-27" range or equivalent (I know there are some considerations for more than 2 displays but I'm not particularly familiar with this) Docking station Mouse and keyboard Looking for under $500 total here