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  1. My problem, originally I purchased 5 deepcool rf 120 fans. They was idiot proof for me, a first time builder. You can literally daisy chain the rgb cables so therefore of my 2 rgb headers on the mobo I could connect just the one. The other rgb header is taken up by a cooler master ml240 aio fans. As the case has space I decided to purchase 2 more rf120 fans, problem is that the 2 fans don't have the daisy chain cables it's litterally just an rgb and power cable. Do I have any options available? I do have 2 addressable headers but there fans are not addressable. This is my autustic sons pc and he loves rgb so I'm trying to surprise him for when he gets home from school. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  2. yes I don't mind got plenty of free time atm I guess I just wanted to confirm that rpi is capable, thanks for the response anyway. I will take a look at what you recommended and go from there. thanks.
  3. in my quest for knowledge on the matter I have found myself looking at synolygy and western digital etc. I have weighed my options of using old server equipment from Ebay like the Dell t320 for example. I have also taken a look at rasberry pi and as it stands due to cost I've been swinging more towards an rpi4 4g ram or western digital my cloud What I'm looking for out of a nas Storage of personal images, videos and important work files Ability to access, download and stream small video files on the go. Access will be needed by myself and 1 other Looking to have raid 1 for redundancy no more than 2 drives of 1 or 2 GB Is it worth using an rpi4 for my use case? Here is what I had in mind for a rasberry pi I would like to mount into the back of my home pc and make use of the 2 spare 3.5 hdd trays I have. This is purely for cable management and to hide the mess of cables I have no intention of utilizing the pc power supply to power the rpi or the drives (if that's possible). This along with cost is why I would like to use this option. Would a western digital my cloud 2 bay be a better option or am I just pissing in the wind with either? This is completely new to me and just looking for a little heads up on what way to go?