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  1. Thank you for picturing how my airflow works! Exactly like I picture it when I try to putting the fans. Are u trying to suggest the intake fans to pulling air out? If it so, where intake fans should be put? This also my main concern rn. Since the GPU still getting hot while playing some games, the exhausting process must be questionable. But for the dust thing I guess isn't
  2. I'm using Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC Thanks for the advice! It makes me chill a bit. I think the same way about the temps with 100% fan speed! I'd RMA ASAP
  3. Hmmm I think better claim my warranty first before re paste my GPU
  4. from what you seeing in the picture, do I need to do anything before decided to change my case?
  5. Hi Everyone, I've got an issue with my GPU temperature. During playing games such as Overwatch and COD Warzone, my GPU hitting more than 80 degrees (sometime until 86 degrees) with case closed. With the case open, the gpu can reach 82 degrees. I've done adding more fans into my case. The other part of my PC works perfectly fine. The temperature of my CPU max at 56 degrees alongside with my others components at normal temperature. Please find the attached picture of my PC. *I'm using 1660 super **the cooler is not touching the VGA card