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  1. guys it was from front panel connectors that was installed wrong tnx for your supports! now my main problem is with the fan controllers from the cause fans
  2. my bee its because of the fan I'm installing it and about ram im testing if replacing it works
  3. yes I checked it its ok first time I pushed the button, the LED of power button turned on but later it didn't
  4. hi guys Im trying to boot this system but I failed and I need immediate help so if the one of the parts have any problem I can post it back: Specs: intel core i59600k Asus z390 plus gaming 1 TB HDD 8 gigs of DDR4 ram 550W PSU I believe that there is a high probability that there is something wrong with assembling I push the on button on the case but nothing happens, the PSU button is on and panel controllers are all ok, cpu is ok too what can possibly be the problem here thanks a lot!