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  1. yes i give it a try
  2. In the description of the GPU is writen that it needs min. 750W???
  3. i have one from corsair: Corsair VS550 (Active PFC, 80 Plus White, 550W) schwarz
  4. Thanks for the info But i will need a better power supply for this gpu or?
  5. Well thanks for the tipp. Any recommentation from where to buy it? Living in Austria and i am not very common with serious shops...
  6. Alright - not really gonna game at 1440p but there are a few different 5700s. What about this one? https://www.alternate.de/MSI/Radeon-RX-5700-Gaming-X-Grafikkarte/html/product/1576695?campaign=Grafikkarte/MSI/1576695&zanpid=11731_1588176780_821055a9cef00a2d000e5cfd2c86c00e&awc=11731_1588176780_821055a9cef00a2d000e5cfd2c86c00e
  7. Not even thinking about streaming. And yes those two GPUs are about 100 € difference in germany. But as i said, the money is kind a problem here..
  8. yeah, now i can relate. But i am about to buy a 5700 non xt, bc it really comes better in my wallet... And previosly i was thinking about buying a normal rtx 2060... I really dont have the money for a much better gpu. So i am stuck between these two GPUs First one: Rtx 2060 https://www.mediamarkt.at/de/product/_zotac-grafikkarte-gaming-geforce-rtx-2060-6gb-zt-t20600h-10m-1766855.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwy6T1BRDXARIsAIqCTXpHCyjOUravDUOWcQVbz9Mj4mSABBWG92GVL4Jt-v1OInCAiWJ0PeAaAuA9EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Second one: 5700 https://www.alternate.de/MSI/Radeon-RX-5700-Gaming-X-Grafikkarte/html/product/1576695?campaign=Grafikkarte/MSI/1576695&zanpid=11731_1588176780_821055a9cef00a2d000e5cfd2c86c00e&awc=11731_1588176780_821055a9cef00a2d000e5cfd2c86c00e
  9. Yes i know the performance is pretty much the same
  10. About 550 or so. why you asking
  11. yes the price is a problem.... kind of I am not really having those 450€ for a sapphire nitro+ or a gigabyte aourus....
  12. There are a few different options for a B450 ATX AM4 motherboard. Like from MSI or ASRock. Not sure what to take....
  13. yeah this one seems pretty nice... BUT, is it worth getting a rx 5700 xt instead?
  14. So if i am gonna get a radeon rx 5700, is ist worth getting a rx 5700 xt ? Or is there not that much difference in performance as in costs?