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  1. I’ve already went ahead with the clean install of windows but it’s not bad to clear it out I guess hahaha but during games like csgo, escape from tarkov and battlefront 2, it wasn’t using even half of the GPU so I will try that next time too edit - my monitor is 1920 x 1080 so I can’t get it up to 1440p sadly
  2. I just did it through the control panel if that’s makes sense on where it says recovery and it said to do a clean install of windows from there if that’s correct? will do tho thank you mate
  3. I’m reinstalling windows as we speak, I’m doing it through the recovery tab and did the drive erase option which removed all files on it just to be sure (it’s just games installed on it) is that right to do? and I will definately try that when it’s finished, thank you
  4. I've tried reinstalling the lastest drivers and removing the old ones for the 960 but i just don't know how to resolve this, its stressing me out haha
  5. I went to window power plan and turned it on the high performance power plan
  6. I've done chipset but i've never updated my bios or sound drivers. Apparently updating the BIOs should be done by experts?
  7. This might be a silly question but would this involve me starting from scratch with nothing installed? if so thats fine i'm just willing to do whatever it takes to resolve this
  8. I used DDU to uninstall old drivers and i installed Nvidia's latest ones for the GPU but i honestly don't know what else to do
  9. It was overclocked to 4 GHZ when i got it but i don't really know how to overclock it and i wouldn't want to damage my pc doing so as i'm inexperienced.
  10. What CPU would be better that's good value though and do i need to worry about compatibility with my motherboard?
  11. I recently upgraded both my GPU from a GTX 960 to a RTX 2070 Super and my RAM from 8 GB 2122 GHZ to 16 GB 3200GHZ from 5 years ago in order to play modern games, however in some games i'm getting worse frames per second such as CSGO and Tarkov is barely playable with low settings still. I know this shouldn't be the case at all and so i looked at the on display MSI Afterburner when playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and my GPU usage is 10-30% and my cpu at 80-90%. I thought my processor wouldn't have been an issue but can someone please help as i've spent alot of money Here are my specs: Motherboard : GA-Z170-HD3P GPU : Nvidia RTX 2070 Super CPU - Intel I7-6700K Hard Drive - Toshiba 1 TB RAM - 2 x 8gb Corsair Vengence 3200ghz