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  1. Quick question. Should I use thermal pads for the vram or copper pads? It had thermal pads/paste. It was a different color then the stuff on the gpu. I don't know If that matters.
  2. Thanks yall I appreciate the feedback. I'm way ahead of ya on the paste, got me some artic silver 5. Should be better then the stock crap that they practically shoveled on.
  3. It's not just dust. I use to smoke and the room I was in with It Is small. I also have dogs and cats. I mean It's not just dust It's actual dirt.
  4. Hi, new here to LTT Forum. I'm finally upgrading my mid 2011, 27" Imac. Yes, It's the one with the crap video card. I'm going to upgrade to Nvidia geforce gtx880m. When I opened It up WOW!!! I'm surprised It didn't burn up from all the dirt and dust. I went and got some CRC QD electronic cleaner. Before I start going to town spraying all the parts. I want to know do you think It's safe? Air alone wont do It and, yes I removed every part from the Imac. Thanks for any help.