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  1. yeah, It wasn't a high spec machine at the time and it isn't now... I guess i'll try to upgrade the PSU and see where that gets me. Though I get the feeling I'll end up replacing the entire PC piecewise. Do you think this is sufficient? https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-gold-650-full-modular/
  2. thanks for the help! The PSU is a 500W enermax enp500ast I think I put the GPU in correctly. It was firmly stuck in place and I connected the 8 pin power connector. I've now removed it so I can use the computer... I didn't install any drivers prior to installation and there aren't any "old" drivers as I've been using the onboard card up to this point.
  3. Hi All, I bought a 5600 XT as an upgrade for my 4yo+ PC without thinking about it too much. (which wasn't so smart) I have an ASUS h97m plus mobo + haswell i7 4790, running on a 500W PSU. after installing the GPU, the PC does not post. After removing it, there's no problem. I assume this is due to an under powered PSU. is there any way i can verify this is the case before buying a new PSU? if the PSU is indeed to blame, would 650W be sufficient? Thanks for any help! G