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  1. What does the beeps mean? Been looking at some beep codes but I can't really determine which one they fall into. There are 5 total. But are the 2 first ones considered long beeps? Then 3 really quick ones. It's a Gigabyte z370p d2 Recording_3.m4a
  2. Downloaded MSI Kombustor to try another test on GPU and specifically the VRAM as it has a "Artifact scanner" option. Crashed on launch as well.. It did create a log file, is that info of any use? _kombustor_log.txt
  3. Updated BIOS to newest version today. Will try a test on the RAM OCCT actually have a Power test function as well which it describes as "generate maximum load on the most power-hungry components, testing your power supply and motherboard"- which also is running good so far after a couple of minutes...
  4. So I just google'd around and found a software called OCCT. One of the features is dedicated to testing VRAM. Doing this right now for 4 minutes straight, everything seems fine, no error after 22 iterations. HW monitor shows the GPU is under full load and the temps are fine as well at 60 degrees.
  5. Unfortunately no.. but the guy I bought the rig from will come tomorrow and bring another GPU so we'll see. No other tips or testing we can perform to narrow it down?
  6. Okay so I just downloaded and installed Hand of Fate and it ran fine, no issues whatsoever. I did remove the drivers with DDU in safe mode earlier today and tried with a tad bit older version, 442.74 I think, without any luck.. Does that narrow it down to being a defect card? Anyway to determine exactly what it is?
  7. First I tried it with Windowed mode but did a quick one now in Fullscreen, worked perfectly. Have not tried any other games than the previously mentioned one, but I'll get straight to it! Any idea why FurMark seems to be working fine while Heaven shuts down straight away though? By the way, thanks a whole lot for the super quick responses Applefreak!
  8. It does actually have a dedicated GPU powerplug 6+2 pin. I literally cannot find anything on this PSU either, searching for its model no: SL-8600EPS does give a few results. Also interestingly enough I tried FurMark, which works flawlessly for some reason! Now I just did a quick test but everything seems fine and the temps are around 68-70.
  9. I dont know if the GPU section is more correct than the MB,CPU section as it could technically be that as well, but here goes Just got my new rig setup and was eager to test it out. Loaded up a game (in this case Journey to the Savage Planet), saw the main menu for a good 3 seconds and the screen goes black, GPU fans go to the max. System is unresponsive at this point but sounds from the game are still playing and I have to force restart the computer. What could be the issue, anyone have any idea? Specs are as following; CPU - i3 8100 @ 3.6Ghz GPU - Gigabyte 1060 3GB PSU - Turbo-X 650w (Some random Greek brand I think) MB - Gigabyte X370P D3 Now the weird thing is that this doesn't happen under any sort of load. I've tried googling my way through the jungle and a lot of people do experience the same problem, but usually this happens after putting the GPU under some stress from what I can tell. Tried Heaven Benchmark as well to try and see if that makes any different, but the same, second I load it up PC goes black and fans to the max.