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  1. I'll be ordering the Asus tuf gaming x570-Plus wifi with express delivery to arrive this week. Thank you for your help I will update this thread on its arrival as to whether this has resolved the issues I've experienced.
  2. Thank you I may have to consider sending it back then and buying one of the better ones.
  3. I've been monitoring temps with hardware monitor and its been fine, it occurring on boot kinda takes away from it being thermal throttling. Also if thermals was the problem when the load was removed and things cooled down it would return to normal where as I am having to hard reboot the system when it occurs. I updated all drivers on installation of the board but I have not reinstalled windows as it was working fine before upgrading.
  4. Hey all, Recently either on cold boot or when in high intensity gaming [Eite dangerous at max graphics for about 6-7 hours] my PC begins to stutter or lag. On desktop my wallpaper engine animation slows to about 15fps my audio out and input lag, games become unplayable with a constant frame stutter and drop of about 25-30 frames. I've looked around and I believe it's the PSU beginning to fail as its about 6-7 years old now but I just wanted confirmation before having to spend £100+ to replace it with a good quality 750/850w power supply. Is ther anything else that could be causing this? Specs listed below. I recently upgraded my PC: - W10 professional with license - Ryzen 3700x (new) - Nvidia GTX 1070 (old) - samsung evo 750 500GB SSD (Old) W10 installed - Samsung evo 850 1TB M2 (New) - MSI MPG Gaming Edge Wifi X570 (New) Bios updated to 7C37v17 - NZXT Kraken X53 AIO (new) - Corsair Vegence RGB Pro 32GB (2x16) 3200mhz (new) - Corsair 1200AX 1200W modular power supply (very old)