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  1. several times yes i have a working seasonic focus gold 550w psu
  2. I recently had an issue where my pc wouldn’t power on all(no fans spinning, no mb lights) of a sudden the past 2-3 weeks, i went through every troubleshooting step and narrowed it down to the motherboard so i sent it back to ASUS (b450f-strix) to their repair center and just got it today. They said it was fine “Test ok” and that they couldn’t “duplicate customers reported issue but performed BIOS update” so i thought since it had a fresh bios update maybe it would work but it didn’t now i remember when the pc was working i did do some OC but i just clicked on a preset “ASUS performance” where it would say “13% overclocked” when booting so maybe i murdered my cpu? keep in mind when i did this the night before the problem happened and all i did was play subnautica so maybe i stressed it a little but i never got throttling issues when i played idk man i’m sad and out of ideas i built this pc early january this year so it’s still new
  3. there was one that was a little bent i just took it off because there was no way i was screwing it like that because if i tried screwing the MB in, it just bends the board now i RMA’d the motherboard they told me “Test ok” and “Could not duplicate customers reported issue” maybe now it’s a CPU problem?? because as soon as i got the board back i installed everything right and tried to turn on my pc but still nothing, no fans no lights nothing
  4. no, i don’t. but i don’t think that was the issue since i got it working yesterday again and now this morning i have the same problem again ( i explained what i did in the previous reply)
  5. i don’t think my mb is fried because right after posting this i got it to work (i took it apart and assembled it on top of the mb box, jumped the power pins but i had to hold it down for a few seconds and it turned on, same with the case switch when i put it back in the case) and now this morning the same problem again
  6. My pc won’t turn on :/ i recently built a pc (early january) and it was working fine until today, i used to to do programming and alot of gaming. I go to hit the power button and it doesn’t turn on and i thought the power switch wasn’t working so i tried to jump the power pins with a screwdriver and nothing was working either. the weird thing about it is that i can see the rgb lighting on my MB was on the whole time. this is my first build too i hope i didn’t ruin anything, any help? (i’m 75% sure it’s a MB problem :/) The setup: MB:ASUS B450F Gaming CPU:R5 2600 GPU: XFX RX580 8G RAM: 2x Corsair LPX Vengeance 4G Case: NZXT H510 PSU: seasonic FOCUS Gold 550w