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  1. Wasn't aware of that, thanks ! So to summarize : - I can keep the case, the cooler and the PSU - I can upgrade the GPU without changing the motherboard - When I'll upgrade the CPU I need to change the MB and ram as well Is that correct ? Sorry for all the questions but I've been out of the tech world for a while haha
  2. Maybe a silly question but couldn't I keep my RAM with the new motherboard ? That would allow me to buy a M.2 SSD which seems like a big upgrade Same question with my CPU, is it completely outdated or can I keep it along with my motherboard for a while ? I mean would the GTX 1650 work with my current setup ? And if I understood correctly I'd be able to keep my PSU with this new build ? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I need some help to upgrade my build from 2014, here are the current specs : Processor : Intel Core i7 4790K Motherboard : Asus Z97-A CPU Cooler : Be Quiet Dark Rock 3 GPU : Sapphire Radeon R9 280X TRI X 3Go HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1To 7200rpm Case : Fractal Design Define XL R2 Ram : Kingston DDR3 2x8Go Hyper X Fury PSU : Cooler Master G700 - 700W My use is mostly music production (recording, mixing), video editing (Premiere, After Effects) with a little bit of gaming sometimes. Up until now it covered my needs, as I moved my audio/video work to a MacBook pro 3 years ago, but as I got better and projects more complex the MacBook is starting to show its limits as well. Yesterday I tried to play Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord and it was unplayable, even worse when I installed the latest drivers for my GPU, so the computer is not enough for my gaming needs either... The upgraded version should be able to run M&B II and newer games in a playable fashion and "future proof" me by handling 4K video editing What parts are worth keeping (if any) ? I'd like to keep the case at the very least, but the less money I have to spend the happier I'll be haha. I'm located in France and my currency is euros. I think that 600 euros would be my highest budget, but I'd really like to keep it low Thanks in advance !