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  1. Thanks for all the insight guys its much appreciated! Seems like a general agreement to go the AMD route first, really glad I posted here before buying anything. You are right the 1600AF is $185.93 on amazon. How do you guys feel about a 3600 cpu? Also should I get a 450 Max board to avoid the bios thing, I don't have an AMD CPU to use for the flash.
  2. I have also herd this is a great CPU for the price, advertise away!
  3. I am in Canada. So I would see better performance from doing the board and CPU upgrade first in your opinion? I play a lot of simulation type games Cities skylines ect. The new mount and blade made it very apparent I need a new cpu lol
  4. Hi all hope you are doing well during these strange times. Looking for some insight from you guys. With all this time at home I devolved an upgrade itch that I must scratch. Current system: B150m i5 6500 8Gb ram @2133 Gtx 970 Samsung SSD Not the greatest system by a long shot but it has treated me well since I built her five years ago, I use it mainly for gaming. I want to upgrade but I am kind of stuck with some choices. I want to order a 2060 and another 8Gb kit of ram but I also feel my cpu needs to be upgraded at some point as well. Will I see a worthwhile difference on my set up now if I buy the 2060 and ram? I would like like to get an i7 7700 because my MB would allow for that CPU with a bios update but I can not justify the price. The Ryzen cpu's are very attractive at this point and priced right. I am just kind of lost at this point. Should I upgrade ram and GPU on this rig first? Or do I make the jump to another platform first?