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  1. I can't find anywhere, but that would limit it by cpu, not by temperature, right?
  2. Are there any reputable places to purchase an unlock code? It seems that doing this would require me to give them my IMEI number, but most websites say not to give away my IMEI number, as then anyone could impersonate my phone.
  3. No - I own the phone, and the phone was fully paid off my the previous owner, but they didn't use the phone for 6 months before switching to Apple. So, they owned the phone, but I bought it from them, and I now own the phone. The only problem is that the phone wasn't on a cellular plan for 6 months, so I can't unlock it.
  4. Hello! I have a ASUS ROG labtop whose CPU regularly hits 85-100 degrees Celsius when I'm running it. Is there a way to limit the CPU temperature and make it cool down after a certain temperature? Most guides online limit the computer by its CPU usage, but that isn't the way I'd prefer to go about this. It came with Armoury Crate installed, if that makes a difference.
  5. The issue isn't the hardware; it's that the person I bought the phone for didn't pay for the full 6 months needed to unlock the phone before switching to a new phone, and I don't want to buy a cricket account for just a couple of months.
  6. Hello! I bought a Motorola Moto G7 Supra used, and it is carrier-locked to Cricket. Is there any way to carrier-unlock the phone without Cricket's cooperation? My current plan is to wipe the phone and replace Android with LineageOS, Ubuntu Touch, or /e/. Would doing any of these allow me to use the phone on a different network?