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  1. That's what I want to know too. I dont know if I need some aditional adapters..
  2. @SavageNeo Yeah, I didn't mean to paint all in white, only the heatsinks and then the letters on them in black to give the contrast because it looks so beautiful. Thanks for the information video. It's kind a nice case but I think I will stick with the TD500 because Its bigger and I like big cases. And I can upgrade to some aio in the future. They look so good, is the difference between LL120 and ql120 that the ql is whiter ?
  3. Hello guys, Im building my new black-white PC. I recently bought Ryzen 7 3700X, B450 Tomahawk MAX and Patriot Viper Steel 2x8Gb 4000MHz. I was wondering which case I should get. TD500 white mesh was looking very very nice for my build. I thought if you have some ideas for black-white build. I also take Arctic freezer 34 esports duo White and I don't know if it's a good idea to paint a heatsinks on the MBO. Anyways, which white fans should I get for TD500 WHITE MESH. I asked CM and they told me MF120 Halo is the only similar version of whats in the case. I wanted to ask you if is there any other white fans that they're good? If you have any cool ideas for Black-white build, Im here to hear it!!
  4. I thought that too until I asked Arctic support and I was told the following: In general the radiator (if installed to the front) have to be oriented with the tubes on the bottom to prevent the pump from pumping air. If you have the option to mount the radiator in the top of the case that would be better. One fan in the rear is enough to suck all the warm air out of the case. We have to figure out if the rad configuration in the front allows the tubes to reach the CPU... If you have to install the radiator in the top then you can put 2 Fans in the front.The little fan on the pump should be oriented upwards, there are the parts that benefit from the little fan. But there is no problem in a different orientation due to the problem with the radiators tubes.
  5. Case that can hold Liquid Freezer II 360 on the top.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm finishing the build right now and I need some good case for 360mm AIO Liquid Freezer II 360 so I can mount on top of the case. For about $100-120. For now, I like the TD500 White Mesh from CoolerMaster and cost about $115 in my country. Every suggestion came well. Thanks!!
  7. Okay, I hope someone will suggest me some good ssd. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Hello everyone. I was wondering which NVMe m.2 ssd I should get. Someone suggested Patriot Viper VPN100. Can you suggest some good NVMe M.2 ssd for around 60-70$ ? I will put them on Asus X570 TUF motherboard.
  9. Yes that Taichi whould be the best.. Okay, then I will go with TUF. Thanks for the answer.
  10. Yea I know I can go with B450 one but I know myself and I know I will buy x570. So better to get it now. Okay for now it's Tuf x570. P. S. Which Ram should I buy for 3700x. I love rgb but its not main thing. I think I should go with 3600Mhz but which one is question? Again I dont want expensive one.
  11. Yes, I saw that motherboard but someone told me not to get it. I dont remember why but I know I didn't want to take it after that, now I will probably go with TuF. Its pretty good case, I wi try to find more like that. I will go with Liquid Freezer II 360, that's for sure.
  12. Hello everyone. I was wondering which motherboard should I get for 3700x. I want to get Taichi x570 but is little too expensive for my budget. What should I do? What to buy? And one more question. I want to build AIO 3x120mm on the top of the Case and my budget for the case is around 75$. Thanks for the help.
  13. Okay, I will try to get NEO one. Thanks for the answer
  14. Hello everyone. Now I'm finishing my build. I need to buy new RAM. I was looking for 3600MHz ones because I will buy 3700x with x570 Taichi Motherboard. So can you suggest me some good RAM 2x8Gb 3600MHz for 100$ or lower ( i would prefer with RGB but dont need ). Thanks.