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  1. If you haven't already, try reseating the RAM, or only using one stick. It sounds unlikely but sometimes the RAM caches main data. Reseating / removing the RAM will remove potential cache. If this doesn't work, make sure the GPU is working at a potential test bench, or using the motherboards onboard video outlet. If nothing happens, or you've tried this already, let me know
  2. It went black when I restarted out of BIOS not when I was fully using it. My bad for poor choice of words
  3. I bought this PC in February this year just seems odd that changing a big setting in the BIOS fucked it up. Just annoying because the current situation of the world I'm not earning any money to replace. Just annoying
  4. I am getting a completely black display. I have jumped the CMOS, replaced CMOS battery, even left it out for 2 days and all come back to a blank screen. I know this PC works as I was using it when it went black. I was trying to do something unsmart and test certain settings in the BIOS menu. I had my CMS settings opened, and changed everything to UEFI Only. This was a mistake as when I rebooted my pc, nothing came up on screen apart from a no signal button. I'm fairly sure it is booting into windows as the harddrive is loud as it would usually be, however I sometimes get cold boots where everything turns on but nothing happens, and it turns off immediately when I push the power button. No motherboard damage, CPU pins are all perfect, no beeping and I've reseated RAM and nothing. All my parts are working. My motherboard is slightly older but it's an MSI H61M-P31/W8 paired with an i5 3470, 2x4gb DDR3 ram and GTX 1650.