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  1. Thank you, Thank You so much I was clicking the latch in didn’t know it clicked in by its self that video was sooooo helpfullll Thankkk youuuu veryyyyy muchhhh
  2. It clicked it I heard it I’ll send you the picture of the motherboard with the ram intact
  3. Now there it is saying no signal and my keyboard and mouse isn’t light up
  4. Right now without any ram it’s like this 1 latch that is open
  5. The ram is on but it doesn’t click on so it can fall out, I don’t want to put pressure on it so it doesn’t t break
  6. Yes I checked twice I am placing it the right orientation, and there is only 1 click not 2
  7. I just bought a new ram for my PC I tried to put it in but it wasn’t clicking so I tried to put my old ram and still it’s not clicking i