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  1. Thanks for the response. Yes the router is only 2.4ghz which has actually been fine as we generally get WiFi were we need it but the dropouts are full dropouts requiring a restart not just blackspots. I don't know if this is why iPhone users have issues with it only being 2.4ghz. It's completely up to date and can't really be move anywhere due to all the wiring being behind a built in cabinet that covers half of the room. There are quite a few other WiFi networks around which pretty much covers all of the channels. In some cases with WiFi analyser there WiFi is stronger in our house than our own. That's why I'm looking a new router, that also might be better for gaming. I know the ones named that are a gimmick though.
  2. Thanks but yea I'm not looking for something too expensive. Would rather a little older and cheaper. I don't need WiFi6 for anything.
  3. The router I currently have is one of the netduma R1 from a few years ago and while the software side is brilliant the WiFi has started to wane and results in a couple of drops a week. Also while we don't have issues with signal when my sister stays and use iPhones they do, they connect but have little to no bandwidth so just use 4g. This is at less than 10 metres away but in a different room so not far at all. I have fibre at 80mbps/20mbps and no one is a heavy user really, there's minimal streaming one in a while. Last year I bought an EAP225 in the aim of better WiFi but saw no difference. I think the times come to replace the router. It's used for general Web browsing on mobiles and tablets, minimal streaming to chromecast and gaming. Gaming is the big one, I know gaming routers aren't a thing as such but I have heard routers with openwrt are better for gaming traffic speed. So what router would you recommend with strong WiFi signal and would you recommend third party software over first party? My budget is less than £80.