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  1. # Before we get started - I'm going through this based on the pinned recommendations just to make sure I don't fall too far off topic while asking for help. I realize this is going to be a bit more wordy than a bunch of bullet points, but this is how I justify spending money on something. Also, markdown formatting just because its how I organize things. - I've built every tower I've owned since I had the ability to do so, but getting into this made me realize I'm finally out of my depth. I haven't kept up with hardware lately and I'd prefer to have the opinion of someone who still has enough time/interest to keep up with compatibility and the ability to plan ahead for the sake of future upgradability. - The laptop I'm on right now is an ASUS N56JR that has done everything I've needed since I purchased it at the tail end of 2014. I've replaced the hard drive with an EVO SSD, and the battery has been swapped twice. It's still chugging along without much complaint but it may be reaching its limits. The problem is that I've turned it into a glorified desktop replacement due to my old Q6600 based tower from 2007 giving up the ghost several years back thanks to a catastrophic event involving a blown transformer at my old apartment. This will give you an idea on what I'd be moving from to get some idea for performance comparisons: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16834231320 ## 1. Budget & Location - While I'd prefer this to be in the ~\$500 range, I'm aware it will likely be higher than that. I'll be happy if it stays under 700, but considering this is for work I'd rather spend it up front than have myself hamstrung before I even begin using the system. As for location, I'm in the DFW area in Texas, I've a Microcenter about 20 miles from me, but considering my timing on this and the covid lock-down going on I'll be purchasing everything online. ## 2. Aim - My main need out of this machine is going to be the ability to push 4 monitors(1080p) at once. I work mostly with databases and 99% of the time I'm VPN'd into something else with a whole lot more horsepower than I need locally. With that said, I can see some value in having enough spare resources to spin up a VM for testing. The idea of having a machine I could fall back on as a test lab for designs definitely has some merit, but its not my focus right now. - My gaming days are mostly behind me, and I couldnt tell you what the most graphically intense game is in my steam library, but it probably isn't something from the last 5 years. The laptop I linked in the preface runs everything I've got right now well enough. I really just need something capable of supporting more pixels, not faster pixels. With that said, if the card doesn'tsound like a jet engine, that would be amazing. - This is what I think I "need", but I may be off the mark on this. - Storage: - 1 OS drive, SSD or M.2. Doesn't need to be big, not a lot is going on this beyond windows or something I'd prefer to install to a default location. Old habits with keeping the OS separated from everything else keeps this as a preference. - 1 Other Stuff drive, SSD, only need 500GB on this. The majority of the stuff I deal with is remote/cloud based. Media is streamed or its on the home storage array I already have. - Graphics card: - At least 4 ports (either HDMI or display port) - Memory: - 16GB right now, with the ability to hit 32/64 in the future? I dont plan on virtualizing anything immediately but the extra headroom may be nice. - CPU: - 4 cores at least, maybe 6 to start? Same as the memory on the extra headroom for the sake of VMs - I've mentally toyed with the idea of getting something Ryzen based with room to grow. I understand AMD is going to be phasing out their AM4 slot in the next couple of years. I first approached building my own system with getting an early gen Ryzen3, 16GB of ram, and just sitting on that until AM5 drops and higher AM4 hardware goes on sale. If that is a viable option I could see this machine evolving into a home lab with some extra purchases. I'd love to get my hands on a Threadripper system at a steal of a price, but I don't think that dream is going to see reality. Also, don't take any of this as a hard-preference for AMD hardware. If my best available option is Intel, I'll go with it. ## 3. Monitors - I've 2 of these right now, 24 inches at 1080p and I don't intend on upping their size or resolution. I'm planning on getting another 2 once they hit 100 bucks again. Getting 4 of these in total would get my home setup to mirror my in-office setup which would be perfect for me. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072XCZSSW ## 4. Peripherals - I don't believe I'll need anything else. I've a Logitech MX Master Mouse that I've no need to replace, and a blue switch Das Keyboard that has been with me for years. - There is no need for wireless either. I just need a single gigabit ethernet port. I've got a 6 foot CAT6 cable that will be going directly from the system into one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-EdgeRouter-Advanced-Gigabit-Ethernet/dp/B00YFJT29C - Also, the case is going to be sitting beneath my desk and relatively unseen. I've no interest in case lighting and have no use for a window into the build. I'm all for function over form. Whatever case physically fits the components without hamstringing future upgrade potential is fine with me. - As far as the OS goes, I've access to a student copy of Windows 10 and will likely be messing around with linux VMs as well. ## 5. Why are you upgrading? - I touched on this earlier, but I'm reaching the point where I would like something other than my laptop to function as a static workstation. I have no need for the mobility that the laptop serves to facilitate and would rather have a dedicated system that I can rely on staying in one place. Thank you for reading through this any any recommendations you send my direction. I really do appreciate it.