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  1. What should I look for this on? I tried ebay, the best they had didn't look like a quite a bargain but
  2. Well ya see im on a budget and I don't have enough money for an am4 mobo and cpu. Just tryna upgrade a decade old price of crap. Thanks for replying tho.
  3. So I'm looking for a 2nd or 3rd gen LGA 1155 cpu with integrated graphics, because I simply cannot make a decision on a graphics card and would also like a faster cpu.
  4. Uhhh no but I did update it to A10 idk if it is the most up to date or not but... I also tried using a dvi cable and it didn't output video so I think it's safe to say the graphics card is dead right?
  5. MIH61R. It's a dell vostro 260 with 8GB of 1600 ddr3, and an Intel core i3-2120
  6. My usb ports work when it's not in, but when it's in they dont.
  7. The GPU is sold as a used Radeon HD8570 on ebay for 14.99 USD.
  8. Does my graphics card have a missing capacitor? In the corner theres like the circle where a capacitor should be, right? Whenever I plug this into my computer none of my back usb or visual ports work. Any help?
  9. Um yeah well I dont know. Thanks for the help though man.
  10. I forgot to quote you but I resented it and it still doesnt work
  11. Yep my mouse lights up for half a second then goes away and the fans are really loud for a second or two.
  12. Oh. I'm trying again. And yeah I meant the usb backports dont work.
  13. Hmm. I though a header is where you plug it into the board pins. Sounds very probable that I did that on accident. Does that mean I cant use it?
  14. It's not a header, its connected to the motherboard and works without the gpu in...
  15. Sorry I thought I said that already