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  1. hello good people of the internet. i am planing to pay a new gpu and i cant decide wich one to by. here were i live the rx 5500xt and gtx 1650 super cost the same and i cant decide wich one to by. can you help me decide.
  2. do you think it will run safe
  3. what if it is factory overclocked?
  4. on this website it ses that the recomended psu for the gtx 1660 super is a 350w psu https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-1660-super.c3458
  5. if i undervolt the gtx 1660 super will it be safe?
  6. is it as power hungry as a gtx 760 2gb
  7. if it can support a gtx 980 it can probebly support a gtx 1660 super
  8. it ses thet the psu can support a gtx 980
  9. this is the specs of my pc https://www.msi.com/Desktop/Nightblade-B85C/Specification
  10. it dos have 80+ bronze if it matters
  11. i dont know i have a pre built mini itx. the psu is in a spot were i can see it. i am runing a gtx 760 witch consumes 170 watts on 350w psu the psu is about 6 years old
  12. i am wondering that a gtx 1660 super whil run on a 350 watt 80+ bronze psu whit a intel core i5 4460
  13. i have a pre-built msi gaming pc. it has en i5 4460, gtx 760 and 8gb ddr3 ram. i am looking to upgrade to a gtx 1650 super and i am wondering that it will get bottlenecked. btw i am new hire