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  1. I've just realized that I have some servers at work that are idling due to COVID situation, and I could likely get permission to use them for some kind of distributed computing research project. However while they have powerful Xeon CPUs, they don't have any GPUs, and nowadays everything seems to be running on the latter, if not exclusively then at least much faster. Is there any project that is CPU focused?
  2. @Burnedice25 I've already tried Mx Master 3, but found that it doesn't have enough buttons for me, as gesture button is in awkward position for my hand, making it nearly unusable, and I couldn't find a way to incorporate side scroll wheel into my workflow. @TheBahrbarian Unfortunately wired mouse is not an option, I tend to have a lot of stuff on my desk, so having mouse cable tangling with it is not something I'd like. UPDATE: I've just found Razer Basilisk Ultimate, which seems to fit most of my requirements, but is a bit expensive compared to ~$50 G602... UPDATE2: Logitech G604 appears to be direct update to G602, might be worth to try if the new G Hub software will be more stable than old LGS.
  3. Hi all, I'm a long time LTT viewer, coming here for help with buying a mouse. I came up with the following list of requirements: -I don't care about about type of sensor/super gaming qualities/polling rate/high DPI/RGB - it's for office work, I usually use about 1300-1600 DPI settings. -must be wireless, doesn't have to be low latency -at least 60h battery life (100h+ preferred) -as many reasonably placed programmable buttons as possible, with reliable software to manage them -must be comfortable to use for a few hours straight (but I guess this is subjective). I have a large hand. -I don't really care about 'smart' scroll features like Mx Master series has, but scroll wheel left/right click function like Performance Mx had would be good to have. I've been using Logitech G602 for the last year or so, and it would be perfect fit if not for the software that keeps crashing, causing macro buttons to change to default settings (and yes, I've already tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalling Logitech software, clearing settings, changing USB ports etc., nothing helps). Can anybody suggest an alternative? I found that most gaming mice have don't have sufficient battery life, and business models don't have enough macro buttons, so I'm a bit stuck. I don't really have any specific budget limit set, let's say the target it $100, but I can stretch it if there's a reason to do so.