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  1. the corsair txm gold 750w is actually cheaper than the 550w (because its out of stock everywhere that sells it decently cheaply), is that a good idea? Its £80 so £10 more
  2. OK thanks, looking at a corsair psu so I know its going to be reliable
  3. Can you guys have a look at my pc build and tell me where I can save any money? (UK) Ryzen 5 3600 - £161.99 MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC - £124.97 - please dont recommend the tomahawk max I've chosen this because wifi is necessary for me and the tomahawk plus an adapter comes to more than this. RX 5600 XT - £269.98 (when it's back in stock) Stock AMD cooler - £0 Corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz 2x8gb - £72.75 Corsair SPEC-DELTA carbide series case - £59.99 Kingston a2000 250gb nvme ssd - £52.99 WD HDD 1TB - £36.40 Corsair CX550 80+ bronze - £69.32 Windows 10 home - £119.99 This is the best price I could find for each component. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ok thanks guys I'll look at the cx550
  5. CX550 is around the same price for 50 less watts, is there a particular reason to choose the CX550 instead?
  6. Ok thanks guys you've been very helpful
  7. Is the EVGA 650w BQ 80+ bronze psu enough power for a ryzen 5 3600 and an rx 5600 xt?
  8. And that cooler comes with pre applied thermal paste so I don't need to purchase any more correct?
  9. And for gaming at max settings it wont be insufficient?
  10. Ok, I'm not looking to overclock so the stock cooler will do fine? I've not heard fantastic things about the stock cooler for the 3600 so I want to be sure.
  11. Will it impact my system negatively though?
  12. I am thinking of pairing a ryzen 5 3600 with an rx 5600 xt. Is an aftermarket cooler necessary of will the stock cooler do fine?
  13. Sorry to keep bothering you but would an 80+ bronze 650w psu be sufficient, the other psu seems to be out of stock anywhere it sold for a reasonable price
  14. The corsair spec-delta carbide series case comes with 4 fans, 3 in the front and 1 in the back. Is this sufficient for cooling? Also is it safe to have such an imbalance in intake/exhaust fans? Basically, do I need to purchase another case fan for the back?
  15. Ok it's an 80+ gold so I'll be good thanks
  16. Also, would a 550w psu be sufficient?
  17. The thing is the price I've found on this card is close to a top end 1660 super and a low end 2060. I'm considering this card as it gives great performance for the price, and I have the option to update the vbios in the future. I just want to make sure that it is only performance that is impacted and that the card's health won't be negatively impacted by not updating.
  18. Ok, but would this only impact performance or would it have a detrimental impact on the card in other ways?
  19. Hi, I just had a few questions about the gigabyte rx 5600 xt (the one with 3 fans). First of all, how risky is updating the vbios? Secondly, if I chose not to update the vbios would the card only suffer a drop in performance, or could not updating have a detrimental effect on the health of the card?