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  1. Hello I have a problem with my memory clock I have g.skill trident z rgb 3600mhz cl16 16-18-18-39. I loaded the XMP profile in the BIOS but the memory only clocks at 3200mhz although 3600mhz is set. The 3200mhz is displayed in the bios, in HWINFO and in Cpu z. Then I got the ram at 3866mhz and 17-19-19-42 and then I was shown a memory clock of 3466mhz in all tools. I also noticed that with Prime95 whether xmp profile is activated or not after 10min a core stops after a main thread shows a fatal error. My cpu is the i5-9600kf and the motherboard is the gigabyte z390 aorus elite. I tried the BIOS versions f9 and f10c and had the problem with both. Would be super nice if someone could help me. The BIOS is completely stock and the CPU, motherboard and memory are new. I also don't have any components there to replace them in my setup which makes troubleshooting difficult