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  1. Update. Received, and installed working great. SO appreciate everyone here!!!!! Follow us on Instagram @lostwithmylove 200k followers now!!
  2. Settling on this one. https://www.amazon.com/Connector-Aluminum-Heatsink-3-5-Inch-Pre-Applied/dp/B06Y4146PJ/ref=psdc_11036281_t3_B00HYO2V34 Yes, and thank you for all your advice! New computer is only about 1-2 years away, so not really concerned. Thank you again so very much!!
  3. Says compatilble with i7 which I have.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Intel-i7-lga115-Disipador-Ventilador-e97379/dp/B01MSD39CN/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3AGRDB3HACU53&dchild=1&keywords=intel+fan+heatsink&qid=1590342042&sprefix=intel+fan+heat%2Caps%2C214&sr=8-3 Would this work? My only concern is the dimension matching.
  5. meaningless to a point ..... lol. I see them in the 20 - 80 range online. But the sizes/models are so confusing. If possible would love to order what you tell me to.
  6. Absolutely perfect. Can do that easily! lol Now you tell me which one to order, and I'm gonna get it here overnight.
  7. Mine does not seem to have screws like in the photo of that. Mine has four big black plastic thingies pictured here.
  8. no that the tube, lol! I mean the fan/heatsink combo.
  9. Is there a specific size that I would need to get? Thanks so much for your detailed answer!
  10. Well novice, but not afraid to get in there with your help. I would like to order the fan/sink combo but just no clue where to find out what to order. Scoured the internet for an hour last night with no luck. I did find a sticker on the side of the fan 1307 1-002201 DP 01342 which yielded no results.
  11. Okay guys real novice here. Figured replacement would be in a response. From what I can see the entire fan/heatsink is one big piece together. Can I just replace the fan. Can't see anywhere where it would come off alone. Secondly I scoured Asus G10ac including the manual. It does not tell me what this one is. Size/model no/ etc. Your replies are SO MUCH appreciated!!!!
  12. G10ac Asus desktop. This just started yesterday. The fan in the photo is making the noise. This noise is not represented well in the video, camera just picks up on the main fan too well I guess. You can kind of hear it. It is like a very fast paced clicking sound, not as "bassy" as it sounds in the clip. If I push on the middle of the fan to stop it real quick, the sound dissapears completely. Thank you! 20200524_104106.mp4
  13. Sounds great! Once again your help has been so appreciated my friend!
  14. Crap I promised but one more ... lmao! This lithium battery is at least 9 years old. What is it for, and should I replace it??