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  1. It is membrane keyboard from SpeedLink (https://www.speedlink.com/en/Gaming/TYALO-ILLUMINATED-GAMING-DESKSET-DE-LAYOUT.html) I have already disassembled and cleaned it, but there is no result. And if you goolge "536l4jk1-=`" you will find similar questions. For example this (https://forums.techguy.org/threads/my-keyboard-glitches.1224844/). I have tried to contact the guy who posted it, he does not reply. So, I think it is not problem with keyboard itself. It is problem with its software like virus or something like this.
  2. Hello, I use external keyboard with laptops. Two keys 'c' and '3' print weird things. When I press 'c' it prints: vc fgrtxz //or cfv<Enter> And '3' prints: 536l4jk1-=` The keyboard was not somehow damaged. I have tried to use it with different laptops with MacOS, Linux, Windows and event with Samsung S8. The same problem for all the devices. Also i have tried to remap keys with SharpKeys and KeyTweak, no result. Both keys print above text. On the screenshot you can find what happens when I press those keys. White means which keys are also pressed with 'c' or '3'. And the order in the top. Does anyone know how to fix it?