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  • CPU
    i9-9900K @5GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Gaming M5 Z370
  • RAM
    32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 2133MHz HyperX OC to 2800MHz
  • GPU
  • Case
    Fractal Design Arc Midi R2
  • Storage
    1TB nVME Samsung 960 EVO
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    2x - 4K LG 24UD58-B 23.8inch Ultra HD
  • Cooling
    NZXT X62 280mm
  • Keyboard
    Logitech Craft Advanced
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba HyperFlux & Firefly
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  1. SebastianEier

    ASUS ROG 1200W Thor RGB help Aura

    Ah ok. Not that often on LTT forum, if thats the precedent then ofcourse i would and i will Just thought because they had this feature that was the precedent set. Spec MSI Gaming M5 z370 i9 9900K with H100i 32GB HyperX Mem 1TB nVME 960 EVO Gigabyte GTX1080TI
  2. SebastianEier

    ASUS ROG 1200W Thor RGB help Aura

    I understand you're frustration if you feel like I did an uninformed purchase. Well aware this PSU wasnt and isn't great value. But i like the OLED screen, it's high end build quality and fully aware i could drop the oled screen and just buy direct from Seasonic and save a couple hundred bucks. People spend 200$ on sleeved cables, not great value either, but i can understand why.
  3. SebastianEier

    ASUS ROG 1200W Thor RGB help Aura

    Can't you see my specs on my profile? (i9 9900K, 1080TI, 1TB nVME etc) Yes, and i also paid 250$ for Razer hyperflux computer mouse. It's a free world. This is the correct price. The way i view it, it comes wtih 10 year warranty. So worst case scenerio I'll have to buy a new one in 10 years, i.e. yearly cost of 35£, not to bad imo. The reason i bouhgt it, is because I was getting sick tired of my CX750M coil whine and noise. So wanted the best quality i could get. Given that Seasonic (Asus supplier) is amazing in terms of quality i bought the 1200w thor. Now you might ask why i didnt buy the 860W for 100$ less. Becuase if i ever do multiple GPU in the future, i want to keep my options open, and if I'm going to spend 250$ i might as well go all the way and not think about it. Having said all of this, HOW can i control the LEDS?
  4. So I now have the Asus Thor 1200w installed it it works great and looks great. However I can't figure out how to control the RGB leds. I have an MSI motherboard, MSI Gaming M5 Z370. There is a RGB labeled cable that followed with the PSU, but i dont think it will fit anywhere on my motherboard (it would probably fit on the fan headers but dont wanna fry anything). How can I control the Aura RGB's on my PSU? Currently its permantely red.
  5. SebastianEier

    Has YouTube Ended Studnet Discount for Premium?

    Talked to a rep. who said it wasn't available for Norway. Even thought we have Premium , Family plan (and SheerID which works in Norway) they don offer it.
  6. Can't find any news on this, but back in late November they added student discount (50%) for YouTube Premium. I Cant find anything other than normal or family plan. I found help center links, but none of them directs to a student discount website. I cancelled my current premium to move to Student discount (it said in guidelines that you first had to cancel current subscription to get Student subcription) but to no success. Are anyone able to find youtube premium page sign up for students? Or know where to click. Already read the Help Center guidelines from Google to no success. If you can find it, can you post screenshot + what region you are in? Thanks in advance
  7. My chip would often fail RealBench stress test even though it survived Prime95. So you only change 2 settings? ATX offsett still auto? What motherboard do you have? I don't think that i got a crappy i9 (but who knows) as it failed when i "OC" to stock speeds (i.e. prob a config / bios error, am running it on a z370 after all)
  8. I've had major OC problems, on z370 (high end with 10 power phase design (MSI Gaming M5)) and I've tried to OC different ways, like expert mode and simple mode. Can't seem to be able to OC anything in expert mode might be because i do some settings wrong o BIOS is outdated (im not sure hwat all V settings are and how much aproximately they should be so leave all at Auto except the Core clock which i apply to all cores as fixed). And Now im running stock as thought i had stable 5.0GHz all core (with that high voltage) but apperantly its not stable as when i isnstalled a GTX1080Ti it began crashing very rarely but enough for me to go back to stock. Is there any in-dept OC turorials for i9-9900K on Z370? Ive OC a lot before on my previous i7-8700K and i5-3570K but I seemt to struggle to "OC" to stock speeds even. Leading me to believe i do somehing wrong in Bios in expert more or Bios update required. Already updated bios to support the i9. What settings do you use and how do you OC yours to achive such low voltage (did you test with IntelBurnTest, Prime95 and Realbench?)
  9. SebastianEier

    6/8 vs 8/8 in GTX1080Ti

    forgot to mention, the latter card is https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N108TGAMING-OC-11GD#kf
  10. SebastianEier

    6/8 vs 8/8 in GTX1080Ti

    Hi, So I'm buying a used GTX 1080 Ti this week (planned), and there are quite the variety. Im primarily only looking at aftermarket coolers (not FE). However to put it strictly, some of them have 6pin + 8pin and some 8pin + 8pin Does this make any difference in reasonable overclocks? Like I want to overclock the card up to the point that I can hear it and the noise becomes an issue (i.e. if the fans have to speed up to 100% I'm not gonna run it at that speed). Not looking to break any records. Specifically, what would for example be best a dual fan - triple slot GTX 1080Ti Palit Jetstream with 8/8 pin or triple fan-dual slot 6/8pin? For best OC with lowest noise.
  11. SebastianEier

    5K Display for windows LG Ultrafine?

    So i have 2x 4K displays (24Inch LG Displayts) and i love them. When i write programs and software development, watch videos and all the resolution is amazing. However I do sit quite close to the computer, so much so that i can still manage to see pixels when i "try" (yes not even that hard on a 24Inch 4K displays, but then again when i look at a FHD display at 1080p it's like going back to the "old days"). If there where 8K displays og 5K displays on a 24inch size I'd probably save up for them. However, i saw that Linus reviewed a 5K display by LG (27inch). Now it probably has the same pixel density -ish, compared to my 4k 24 inch displays, so i thought as a third monitor in a triangle setup (2x 4k's at the bottom and one 27" 5K in the center on top) to be a nice setup. However, he goes into detail stating you can't get 5K on windows giving thunderbolt limitations due to displayport 1.2 etc. However newer graphics card ahve displayport 1.4 and i believe the RTX cards have USB-C. Does the limitation still apply? Specifically the LG Ultrafine is a really cheap monitor when bought manufacturing refurbished https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LG-UltraFine-5K-Display-Monitor-5120x2880-Resolution-Display-27MD5KA-RRP-1179-/132807054082 "Cheap" being relative of course. And if USB-C/Thunderbolt is out of the question, are there alternative 27Inch 5K displays? Thanks in advance for your input
  12. SebastianEier

    The most STUPID delidd of all time?

    Yeah, well I didn't do it for practice, I have delidded practically all CPU's in the past that I have owned, so this wasn't something new for me. Already owned a delidding tool which makes the procedure pretty safe too. I was also just curious how much it would impact something which has such low temps already as Newton's law of cooling states that thermal transfer is directly proportional to the temperature difference. Hence, delidding should give greater gains at higher temperatures. So would i see any gains on something that's already running at 46C? Given the fact that the max temp still dropped by 10C i think it is safe to say Intel's thermal solution is pretty shitty. But keep in mind i also went from aluminium heat sink to H100i, i wanted to try aluminium heat sink as well after the delidd, but given how liquid metal interacts with aluminium that wouldn't have been a good idea.
  13. SebastianEier

    The most STUPID delidd of all time?

    wtih LN2! What do you mean? I pre-ordered the i9 9900k but my order was delayed for 2 months, so i bought a $45 CPU as temporary solution for my desktop. Warranty who cares, it's a $45 CPU! This delidd was for fun, i like modifying my hardware
  14. SebastianEier

    The most STUPID delidd of all time?

    YES! This must be done! The LTT community must and shall investigate better cooling solutions for the Intel G4900! I might actually try that!